Video: Sneak Peek of the New Battlegrounds Game Mode

Stunlock wasn’t kidding when they said the new game mode (it is NOT a Brawl) would take inspiration from the Rocket Balloon Brawl idea. But in addition to that, we can also see that each team has a Guardian that needs to be defeated. Is that the winning objective? How does the balloon play into it?

The video doesn’t give away too much, but give it a watch anyway!


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Dominik Standl
Dominik Standl

Looks awesome. I like the idea to give new players the possibility to learn Champs in a more fun way.


Okay, what can we see?
It’s a 3v3 with respawn that has two phases. The first phase has objectives like guyding the rocket balloon, killing an NPC(together with the enemy but getting last hit, maybe?) and hiding in bushes 😀
The second phase will be against a Sentinel type NPC and the defending team. I gues the loser of the first round gets to defend.
With respawns I think there will be some kind of timer for the defenders to be able to win the match regardless of round 1.

I can’t figure out the bars on the top of the screen, yet. Some kind of defensive hp/points for the phase 1 to be decided?

Overall I think it may really well be some casual thing to do. If we can chose this mode in private matches we may even see tournaments with this type of game mode…