Top 20 Battlerite Streamers to Watch

As much as I try to help by writing guides, I know that written guides aren’t right for everybody. Words can only convey so much. Sometimes concepts are easier to learn just by watching other players execute them in real-time.

Fortunately, the Battlerite community has many skilled players who regularly stream their gameplay on Twitch, and some of them will even go so far as to explain what they’re doing and answer any questions you may have.

Here are the top ones I recommend based on educational value, entertainment value, frequency of streaming, and how long they’ve been streaming (if they’ve been doing it a while, they’re less likely to disappear overnight). Streams are listed in no particular order.

1. Averse

Averse is an Osu streamer who plays Battlerite on the side — or so the joke goes because his solo queue rating is so high and his queue times are insanely long. But he streams a lot and he streams often, mainly playing DPS champions like Destiny and Taya as well as others from time to time. His viewership is one of the biggest in the Battlerite community.

2. Joltz

Joltz streams Battlerite pretty much every single day for hours at a time. But not only is he a top-tier player who multiclasses DPS champions, he’s extremely entertaining to watch. Between matches, you can find him playing the piano, interacting with chat and teaching newbies, and doing all sorts of strange but captivating activities:

3. neewha

Arguably the most positive streamer of all Battlerite streamers, neewha is the kind of player who nobody can hate. He specializes in the support role and plays pretty much every support champion. If you want to learn that role, his stream should be at the top of your list. He also plays competitively with Jeter and Chalt, and you can catch him in scrims from time to time.

4. MrHuDat

Known as the Support God, you won’t find a better streamer to watch if you want to multiclass support champions. During the post-launch PreSeason, MrHuDat made it a goal to reach Grand Champion from scratch with every single support champion, and he succeeded in just four weeks. You can view all of the VODs here if you want to study them. Otherwise, watch him live!

5. Mini

If you want to learn about supports from a European player, check out Mini. He’s a calm and laid back streamer who has a competitive background in Dota 2 but now channels his competitive energy into Battlerite. You’ll most often catch him in either solo queue or scrimming with his teammates in private 3v3s.

6. Hotbiscuit

This top-tier player hails from Spain but is known throughout all regions as the Ashka God. Despite being a somewhat reserved guy, Hotbiscuit gladly answers questions in chat and helps newbies when they request advice. Even if you don’t play Ashka specifically, you can learn a lot about positioning, decision making, and other “meta skills” by watching him play.

7. Teldo

Looking for a high-energy streamer? Teldo fits the bill. He mains Croak and Thorn when playing seriously (e.g. scrimming), and plays pretty much everything else when he isn’t (e.g. solo queue). While his high-energy personality is what hooks most viewers, it can easily turn on him and cause him to tilt after a string of losses, so bear that in mind. And for those who are curious, yes he’s the same Teldo from competitive Guild Wars 2.

8. Finlev

Finlev is one of my personal favorite streamers and I’m not the only one who thinks so. He has a large fanbase and works to cultivate a generally positive environment, yet remains as down-to-earth and approachable as ever. You can get to know him even better by listening to our recent interview with Finlev. Or better yet, just watch him! All for moments like this:

9. KlernY

EU is generally considered the most skilled of all Battlerite regions, so it says a lot that KlernY is a core member of Tutorial Boss (one of the best EU teams) alongside Xaynox and randler. He streams with regularity, but you should know that in addition to being a skilled player, he’s opinionated and isn’t afraid to show it.

10. eygrr

You may know him as an up-and-coming tournament caster, but did you also know that eygrr streams gameplay from time to time? He’s a Grand Champion Pearl and Poloma player, but occasionally branches out to other support champions. Catch him while you can because his real-life study schedule sometimes encroaches on his stream time.

11. FireBlaze

FireBlaze is one of the most active coaches in the Magnificent Llamas Discord community (learn more about Warden and his Magnificent Llamas), and his inclination to teach spills over in his stream. He mostly plays DPS champions, with his most frequent picks being Jumong, Raigon, Thorn, and Alysia. If you want to learn how to DPS, he’s a good one to watch.

12. Misterpink

Misterpink is known for two things: his Grand Champion support skills and his ongoing Multiclass Showdown tournament series where players have to change champions throughout each event. In addition to being a chill guy, he’s quite helpful and informative. Watch him and interact with him if you want to learn how to play Lucie or Poloma.

13. Fahros

Looking for a personality streamer? Ask anyone and Fahros will probably be one of the first that comes to mind. I don’t mean “personality streamer” in a derogatory way. He’s not a bad player, and if you’re below Diamond, you can still learn a lot by watching him. But his biggest draw is how he interacts with his viewers and how he exudes positive energy.

14. Skywind

Skywind is one of the best melee DPS players in all of North America. Despite being a quiet streamer, people love watching him for his gimmick: he sometimes queues 2v2 by himself (on two accounts), then plays each champion one at a time as if he were 1v2. He showcases just how much you can do in Battlerite if you’re smart about your cooldowns and know your champion matchups. He also has a growing VOD library of 1v2 clutches:

15. Jerry

If you want to learn Rook, watch Jerry. He plays nothing but Rook, and his Twitch handle is literally JerryTheRook. If you’re still skeptical, check his stats profile: with 5,500+ games played, more than 4,700 of them are on Rook. Plus, he’s a Top 30 solo queue player. If you ever doubt the viability of Rook in solo queue, just tune into this stream.

16. Jeter

Everyone knows Jeter as a Croak player based on his tournament showings, but watch his stream if you want to see his prowess with other champions. Though he specializes in the melee DPS role, he plays pretty much anything and everything in solo queue. Fun to watch, educational, and pretty much always calm as a lake.

17. ReydesHL

For a Grand Champion melee DPS stream that humorously oscillates between chill and tilted, you won’t find a better one than this one. It isn’t really an educational stream nor is it an entertaining stream, but I consider ReydesHL’s channel as one of my favorites. It’s simply pleasant to watch — the kind you put on when you just want to sit back and relax.

18. Dewizzle

Dewizzle is a Grand Champion player who mains Ezmo, possibly the rarest champion you’ll ever see on Twitch. My favorite thing about his stream is that when he’s solo queuing, he always reviews the replay of his last match to see what went wrong and how he could’ve played better. It’s a great habit to get into and you’ll learn a lot by watching him.

19. Bo4

Bo4, who hails from Russia, is a top player who plays on one of the scariest teams in Battlerite: In Pace (alongside Rutha and K3b4b1). He plays pretty much all champions on streams, so there’s a little something for everybody. Even if you don’t speak Russian, still consider checking it out because you can learn plenty just by watching how he plays. However, I can’t attest to whether he’s toxic or not because I don’t speak the language. Update: Not only is Bo4 friendly and non-toxic, he’s also a caster for brbrTournaments!

20. Rival Esports

Rival Esports, formerly known as Pro Rivalry League, has consistently ran a Sunday tournament series for several months now. Not only can you watch Grand Champion players duke it out and study what high-level gameplay looks like, you can sift through the channel’s VOD library for more content in case once a week isn’t enough for you. Tune in every Sunday at 5pm EST to watch the latest in the North American tournament scene.

Who’s your favorite Battlerite streamer?


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Bo4 is the opposite of toxic. He’s a very friendly person and usually a binder in his teams. Btw, he’s also a caster of RU tournaments.

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I personally enjoy DiMarioBros, He’s a very nice guy that enjoys conversation and looks to share knowledge with as many people as possible, doesn’t matter if you are low or high in the ranks. His channel also seems to always have very high end players that constantly answer questions, very friendly environment. He is a Sirius main but specializes in the support role.

Stop by and check him out: