Teams Announced for Freya’s War Chest

The $3,000 event, whose prize pool is split half-and-half between NA and EU, is scheduled to play this weekend with four of the best teams from each region.

The NA event will take place on Saturday, December 9 at 5pm EST. The EU event will take place on Sunday, December 10 at 6pm EST. Both events will be streamed on this Twitch channel.

The North American teams:

  • Overconfident (Averse, Bloom, ProsteR18)
  • Ephemeral (Inflamed, Dewizzle, TBD)
  • All Meat No Brain (Emperor, DarkDurbaz, Tennisseason)
  • Fallen (Arakune, Trinth, Jeffy)

The European teams:

  • Aelmaolekek (Hotbiscuit, Condemned, bLankkz)
  • Tutorial Boss (Randler, Xaynox, KlernY)
  • TelRoskMi (Teldo, Verosk, Mini)
  • Impact (Godof, Vague57, DizzlarN)

As a viewer, you’ll be able to participate by voting on map pools for matches. You can also clip interesting moments throughout the event and win prizes if your clips are popular. So tune in!


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