SLS Compensates for Lost Battlerite Data With In-Game Rewards

Now that most of the server issues are resolved, Stunlock Studios has announced how they will make up for lost time and data over the last few days.

For those out of the loop, some of the servers that handle Battlerite data experienced power outages in two separate locations on Wednesay. The fault rests solely on the provider, OVH, and the outage affected thousands of other clients beside Stunlock Studios. You can learn more about it in VentureBeat’s coverage of the event.

Unfortunately, while the in-game messages indicated that points and rewards were only delayed and not lost, it turns out that there was a period of time where points and rewards were lost.

To help make up for that, Stunlock is giving the following in-game rewards to all players who logged on to the game between F2P launch and today:

  • 1,000 Battle Coins
  • 3-Day Boosters (automatically activated)
  • 3 Silver Chests
  • A unique QA avatar

You can read more about it in the official blog post.


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