How the Selfcast Key Can Make You a Better Healer

A quick bit of history for those who didn’t play Bloodline Champions: back then, the key for casting EX abilities was actually Ctrl rather than Shift. Indeed, Shift was actually the default bind for the selfcast mechanic — by holding it down, all abilities would cast as if your cursor was on yourself.

In Battlerite, Stunlock decided to switch the two keys around. Since EX abilities are a more important mechanic than selfcasting, it makes more sense to dedicate the easier-to-press key for that. And honestly, I don’t fault them for doing that. Shift for EX turned out well for newbies, I think.

You can heal yourself without moving your cursor
You can heal yourself without moving your cursor

If you mainly play healers, you may want to consider switching those keys back to the way it was in Bloodline Champions: selfcast on Shift. Since you can always cast EXes using the special hotkeys, you can dedicate the easier-to-press Shift key to selfcasting without hindering yourself at all. (But if you like Shift for EXes and don’t mind using Ctrl for selfcast, go for it!)

Either way, here’s why selfcasting can be so useful:

  • It’s more accurate for target-based abilities. When not using selfcast, I’ve been in many situations where my teammate is close to me (or even right on top of me) and I tried to Other Side or Barrier myself but ended up using it on them instead. The selfcast key guarantees that it’ll cast on you.
  • It’s faster and easier to alternate attacks and heals. If you’re Poloma against Pearl and she places Jaws under you, the precious time it takes to bring your cursor back to yourself so you can cast Other Side might be the difference between getting out of it or not. With selfcast, it’s near instantaneous.
    • Plus, constantly moving your cursor from yourself (to heal) to the enemy (to attack) and back again can really mess with your aim, especially because of camera smoothness — when you move the cursor, the camera has a bit of lag in catching up, which can slightly throw off your aim.
  • It improves your overall map vision. Selfcasting allows you to look around with your cursor while casting abilities on yourself. This means you can keep tabs on your teammate or watch what the enemy is doing while self-healing. If map awareness is a weakness of yours, this may help with that a lot.

And if you’re clever enough, you may be able to figure out a few champion-specific tricks, such as splitting Pearl’s M2 — since she throws three splashes per heal, you can split the splashes to hit both your teammate and yourself by selfcasting in the middle of it. Good luck trying to do that just by flicking your cursor over to yourself!

Non-healers can benefit, too. It’s great for champions like Iva and Varesh, who can use it to throw shields on themselves while staying aggressive. It can even be useful for someone like Ashka, who may need to put a Flamestrike under himself to fend off melee tunnelers.

Learn it. Love it. Let it become second nature.

Do you use selfcast? If so, which key do you have it bound on? Let me know whether you think it’s worth learning or if you think the benefits are marginal.


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Another good article. I like how you moved from the general topics such as positioning, outs… to more specific like this. I would like to see a teamplay guide if possible, like how i lost the round, what did i do wrong, how can i encourage myself and my teamate, engaging with my teamate and other same topics organized of course with your thought proccess. Keep up the good work!


I just wanted to thank you or all of you (don’t know if you manage this website solo or not) for your work! I just started with Battlerite like 2 or 3 Weeks ago and this site rellay helped me to improve! You point out so many things that are sometimes plain obvious but you never think about them while playing. Also you always have acutal knowledge like the recovery health article. Like you said in your forum post, on reddit you don’t always find usefull information and many people are only guessing around. So thank you for writing these articles! I visit the site every day in the search of new knowledge. I think when time goes by more people will start to comment on the articles or at least use the forum! Maybe to keep things better organized you could automatically create a disscusion thread in the forum for every new article? I think that would help as you can search through the forum or you always know where to look for the discussions?


I second this! I just started playing a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been devouring Battlecrank articles since then. Thank you Zanetski and the rest for all the great work.

Also thank you for the specific tip given in this article. I had somehow managed to completely ignore the existence of the self-cast button, so I think this kind of article about one very specific element is more than welcome by newbies like me.

As for the hotkey itself, I think I’ll use Alt since that’s the self-cast key I used while healing WoW arenas for years on my healer, so I’ll try to leverage some hard-earned muscle memory.

Christian Llobera
Christian Llobera

I love the web man, i apreciate a lot this kind of stuff that helps improve, and not only to new player, thanks a lot!