Season 1 Is on the Horizon

Exciting new changes are coming with it

The latest Dev Update, which have replaced dev blogs since free-to-play release, has been published and gives us a date for the long awaited end of the pre-season and start of Season 1. The next patch which will bring the new season and a number of new exciting developments is scheduled for March 7.

You can read the full post for all the details, but in summary along with Season 1 we’ll be getting:

  • Pre-season rewards
  • In-game leaderboards
  • Pre-game lobby
  • New reward system

While the leaderboards may not seem like a big deal, as we’ve had community built sites like for a while, they have still been often requested to have in-game. One significant feature is that they’ll be split by region, so you can compare yourself to players you actually battle against instead of a single global list.

The pre-game lobby is another big feature that the community has been requesting for a long time, especially higher level players. The current system of queuing up blind and getting a random composition and map can feel frustrating in competitive play. The new lobby – which is only implemented in League mode, not Casual – will introduce a drafting phase where teams can alter their champion picks to synergise better or counter pick the enemy comp. You’ll also be able to “downvote” maps you’d prefer not to play on.

Draft your champ picks in the new pre-game lobby

The last change mentioned in the update is the new reward structure, which actually sounds the most interesting to me. I love a good achievement grind, and the system of choosing a path and working towards the rewards throughout the season sounds like it will give a much better and more compelling sense of progression. More information on this system will be coming with the patch notes in a few weeks.

Are you excited for Season 1? What are you most looking forward to with these new updates?


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