Is Rook Brawl a Good Brawl?

The idea of an all-out Rook Brawl sounded hilarious when it was casually thrown out a few months ago:

5v5 rook brawl when from BattleRite

That Stunlock actually went through the idea for Rooktoberfest is pretty cool, too. But does the implementation live up to the hype?

The actual Rooktoberfest event is relatively basic: a 3v3 format where all players are Rook, all battlerites are chosen at the start, Sudden Death comes at 30 seconds instead of 2 minutes, and the match ends with 2 wins instead of 3.

It’s not a bad mode, and I had fun with it over the weekend.

But I am a bit disappointed if only because it’s a mode you could set up in a private lobby any time you want. If it had something unique to it, even just a little thing, then it could’ve been far more interesting.

For example, the original Reddit suggestion wanted no Rush cooldowns. The top comment in that thread suggested disabling all abilities except Rush, Boulder Toss, and Smack. Other ideas included 5 regular Rooks against 1 Giant Rook (awesome) or a 10v10 format (hilarious).

It felt phoned in.

I get that the developers are busy preparing Season 5 and F2P launch, but disabling Rush cooldowns, or even reducing it to 1s, wouldn’t have taken much effort and would’ve been 10x more fun. It’s a casual mode, after all, so why not go a bit wild with it?

Maybe I’m complaining about nothing. Maybe Bakko’s Egg Brawl and Rocket Balloon were so good that Rooktoberfest only feels like a letdown by comparison. Maybe my Brawl expectations are unreasonable. But at least Bakko’s Egg Brawl and Rocket Balloon had some creativity to them, a unique aspect, a reason to play it over the normal modes.

In the future, I’d love to see them experiment with Brawls designed around certain mechanics. That seems to be the key to success:

  • What about a Jade Brawl with shortened Stealth cooldown, only Snipe as an attack, and one-hit death?
  • What about an Ashka Brawl with friendly fire where Flamestrike is the only attack and leaves behind a permanent patch of flames?
  • What about a Raigon Brawl with a map full of Turret Dummies and you can only harm enemies by Parrying their projectiles?

I’ll probably keep playing Rooktoberfest on the weekends because it’s more laid back, even more than Casual queue, so I want to repeat that it isn’t that bad. I just hope future Brawls are a bit more compelling because I know Stunlock has what it takes to put out a fun mode.

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