Revealed: Zander’s Abilities and Battlerites

A sneak peek at the Magnificent Magician

The latest champion to enter the arena was revealed the other day and is scheduled to arrive on January 17. Today, however, Battlerite music composer TuvaMigova gave us a sneak peak streaming some gameplay with Zander, allowing us to see his abilities in more detail.

Here is the full list of Zander’s abilities:

Ability name Bind Description Cast time Cool down Notes
Trick Shot LMB Throw two magical cards. Each card deals 6 damage to enemies, heals 5 health on allies, and heals you for 2 health on hit. Applies Hearts upon allies hit.

Hearts – Reduces damage taken by 15% for 4s.

0.35s 0.45s 6% energy gain
Grand Conjuration RMB A heavy projectile that deals 28 damage and pierces enemies. Inflicts Arcane Catalyst on targets hit.

Arcane Catalyst – Target takes 13% more damage for 3s.

1s 6s 40% damage reduction per hit

10% energy gain

Spotlight EX RMB Enlighten target location, healing allies for 28 health over 2s and removing any negative effects on impact. 0.15s 6s 0.55s impact delay
Mirror Image Space Turn immaterial and dash in target direction, leaving an Illusion where you stood.

Illusion – A supplicate that copies your Trick Shot casts, throwing a single card. Illusions can not be interrupted and gain no energy.

0.1s 9s 0.7s air time

30 Illusion health

4s duration

Mind Game EX Space Turn immaterial and send an Illusion in target direction. Upon its arrival, it deals 12 damage and inflicts Arcane Catalyst to nearby enemies. 0.1s 9s
Portal Q Place a portal at target location that teleports allies one at a time, removing them from the fight for 1.5s before reappearing at a target destination of their choice. Teleporting an Illusion increases its duration by 1s and grants you the ability to recast Portal to pick its target destination. 0.1s 11s 4s duration

4s recast duration

Sheep Trick E Turn enemies inside target area into harmless creatures, rendering them unable to use any abilities for 2.5s. If the target takes 20 damage, the effect is broken. 0.3s 9s 6% energy gain

0.8s impact delay

Rabbit Form R Turn into a rabbit to increase movement speed by 80% and remove any movement impairing effects. Knocks away nearby enemies. 0.1s 15s 2s duration
The Prestige F Conjure a Grand Illusion at target position.

Grand Illusion – Copies your Trick Shot and Grand Conjuration casts. The illusion will also assist you in performing Sheep Trick, increasing its radius by 25%.

0.4s 1s 50 Illusion health

6s duration

And here are his battlerites:

Battlerite name Type Description Bind
Heart Restoration Support Hearts restores 6 health over the duration. LMB
Ace Up the Sleeve Offense Travelling through a portal resets the cooldown of Grand Conjuration. RMB
Arcane Conductor Mixed Increases the duration of Arcane Catalyst by 1s and damage taken by 7%. RMB
Arcane Shenanigans Utility Allows Grand Conjuration to bounce once upon wall hit and increases its max range by 10%. Can still only hit once per enemy. RMB
Phantasmagoria Mixed Increase the health of Mirror Image illusions by 10 and duration by 1s. Space
Poof! Offense Your Illusions explode at the end of their duration, dealing 12 damage and inflicting a 0.5s Stun to nearby enemies. Grand Illusion explosions are bigger, deal 20 damage and inflicts a 1s Stun. Space
Stacked Deck Utility Your first Trick Shot after using Mirror Image includes an additional card for both you and your illusion. Space
Around the World Mobility Increases the teleport range of Portal by 20%. Q
Late to the Show Mobility Teleporting yourself or an ally with Portal grants target a 50% Fading Haste for 2s. Q
Showdown Support Grants self or allies travelling through your Portal a shield that absorbs up to 12 damage for 3s. Q
Lasting Form Control Sheep Trick consumes Arcane Catalyst to extend its duration by 1.2s. E
Lead Astray Offense Sheep Trick inflicts Arcane Catalyst on targets hit. E
Transformation Sickness Control Decreases enemy movement speed by 15% during Sheep Trick. E
Bunny Hop Survival Recast Rabbit Form to dash forward, knocking back yourself and target enemy upon hit, interrupting any ability being cast. Inflicts a 1.2s Stun if enemy is knocked into a wall. R
Three of a Kind Utility Grand Illusion receives a 3s shield when conjured, absorbing up to 20 damage and throws one extra card when copying Trick Shot. F


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1st =) Sound like a very versatile Champ and the Numbers on his M1 and M2 sound very strong if you take the Rites with it …also the mobility and sheep sound good + the bonus heal/damage you can get from the mirrors. Guess I know what I’ll be doing Wednesday XD


I think his kit is super strong. He’s got everything one could hope a support has (minus a directional shield). His heals are without CD. His Ex M2 is an emergency heal with dispell, he has a bit of burst potential and he can save people left and right with his portal. He’s got good mobility and also his M1 heals are super strong when Rited. (Oldur HoT pales in comparison).
Also his BRs in general are super versatile and can make him a super strong backline. You can be rewarded with a 3.7s CC if you are able to land RMB + E. Since you can hit multiple targets with M2, can Rite M2 to be reset when teleported and Sheep Trick is actually an AoE you should be able to land that quite often. If not you will force many many outs, enabling your teammates to wreck.

I don’t have much time to play at all but I seriously consider playing Zandookie with main potential in mind.

I really hate his visuals though.