Onin’s Rite: The Issue of Risk vs. Reward in Combos

There’s nothing glamorous or particularly skillful about playing Bakko, picking his Shield Dash battlerites, ramming an enemy into a wall, and immediately chunking them down with Heroic Charge. The skill requirement for this maneuver is laughably small, and it doesn’t feel good to be the victim of such a maneuver. It feels unearned. Right?

Battlerite has a number of these combos throughout the game that feel unearned. Some might even call them unfair. But what is it about them that makes them this way? And what could be done to fix the issues? Is it simply a matter of balance or is it a symptom of a greater flaw within the designs themselves?

Onin, in his latest video, explores these questions from the perspective of game design. The video is just shy of 30 minutes so you’ll need to carve out a block of time to hear it from end to end, but if you’re in a rush then there’s still a good amount of insight to be gleaned from the first 10 minutes or so.

Check it out below and Like it if you enjoy it. Also, don’t forget to follow him on YouTube as he puts out new videos once a week.


He is the lead writer at Battlecrank. You can find him on the Battlecrank Discord.

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