New Quest Added for Prehistoric Mania

It’s the final week of the Prehistoric Mania event, ending on Tuesday, December 12 so there’s still time to grind for those prehistoric chests! To help out unlocking those last elusive skins, SLS have added another event quest to complete for this final week.

Play 10 Casual, League, or Battlegrounds matches to earn one Ancient Chest reward. The Ancient Chest guarantees an Epic or Legendary Prehistoric item, so if you’re still missing the Alpha Raptor mount, or just have to have that adorable Pearl legendary skin, now is the opportunity to try your luck.

And with this pose, all her past BM is forgiven.

If RNGesus isn’t on your side, you can still purchase Ancient chests with gems, earn Prehistoric chests by leveling up your account, or buy the items directly with tokens up to December 12 when the event ends. You might want to keep some saved though, as it looks like the Winter event is just around the corner.


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i have 6000 golds and i want buy 1 melee and 1 support i need good damage melee but not situational and i need support that give good damage and survivability i dont need utility/CC


do blossom guide please


Blossom guide is coming on Thursday!