New Champion Teased in Frozen Mists?

Stunlock may have a magician up its sleeve

Stunlock Studios is no stranger to sneaking hints of upcoming champions into the game. Back in June when Blossom was first released, she teased us with her “Shhh, did you see that spooky tree man?” voiceline, a not-so-subtle hint at Thorn a whole six months before his release.

Then, a couple of weeks before the free-to-play launch, the Battlerite Twitter account began posting cryptic images teasing the mystery of the next champion. Decoding the riddles led players to find a hidden message in the Orman Temple Night map, which directed them to the hidden link for Thorn’s release trailer video.

Searching Orman Temple in free camera mode lets you view the hidden message behind one of the statues: led to the release trailer.

Now, in the Frozen Mists patch, we get what seem to be a couple more hints at a brand new champion.

The first clue is one of the new poses given to every champion for the Winter event. All them embrace the festive spirit, and we can that see some of the champions have been exchanging gifts. Bakko received a nice knitted sweater from his admirer Iva, Freya got a new hammer from her mom, and Lucie has an odd gift sent from her older brother.

A present “from Big Bro”?

Unlike the other winter gifts, Lucie’s isn’t a gag present or something she could make use of with her abilities. It’s a mystical looking playing card. Who is her brother, and what does he have to do with magical cards?

A second hint was discovered by Reddit user PraiseTheLlamaKing. They noticed a new observer in the Sky Ring Day map: a tophat-wearing bunny sat in one of the planters in the center of the arena.

The rabbit watches on as the champions battle it out in the Sky Ring arena.

So we have a rabbit in a hat and a magical looking playing card, two hints which point towards a potential magician-themed champion. While Lucie was off studying science and chemistry, perhaps her brother was more interested in cardplay and the mystical arts?

There’s no magician-style character from Bloodline Champions, so it looks like we could be getting another original design for Battlerite. Maybe SLS is taking inspiration from this impressive fan art posted just a few weeks ago on the Steam forums.

What do you think? Are these signs of a new champion or something else? If so, will he be a support character like Lucie? What kind of abilities do you think he’ll have?


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Do you see in the title card picture as well the rabbit has 2 separate colored eyes? Can’t wait magicians are my jam!






I have seen the Illusionist champion of a fan i think he made it. 😉