NA Battlerite Recap: December Week 2

What happened in the competitive scene between 12/11 and 12/17

This week, North America saw an invasion from across the pond.

3v3 Rivals Cup #42

Due to a lack of European tournaments, two foreign teams entered the fray in North America’s Rivals Cup: RealCouncil EU (consisting of popular streamer Joltz on his famous Ezmo, top European talent Godof, and Jurgen) as well as Kappa 123 (consisting of veterans Hotbiscuit and bLankkz together with notorious Battlerite multiclasser 213213). Both of these teams had little experience as teammates, yet still managed to come out and place 3rd and 4th even with over 100 ping.

This week’s tournament was casted by Shadowfury and eygrr in the first half, then InTheFlesh and Crookss for the second half.

Overconfident stormed through the winners bracket until Nova gave them a run for their money in the semi-finals. With Ninjas on his trademark Sirius and stro on an unexpected Ashka, Nova actually beat Overconfident and sent them to the losers bracket: Nova abused Averse‘s Taya and her lack of self-protection, going 5-3 in rounds.

Down in the losers bracket, Overconfident faced off against RealCouncil EU and swiftly took them out of the running (5-1), the sought revenge against Nova with a more defensive comp: Poloma, Thorn, Jumong. The first map seemed promising as it went 5-2 in Overconfident’s favor, the second map showed a bit more resistance with Overconfident winning 5-3, which led to a crazy third map and the most exciting NA match we’ve seen in a long time. Nova started with a 3-1 lead, brought it up to 4-2 and victory within reach, but Averse, ProsteR, and Bloom put their heads back in the game and won with an epic comeback, 5-4.

You can watch the extremely close final round here:

The highlight clip of the tournament comes from a match between the two EU teams. RealCouncil EU found a surprising amount of synergy between their players, unleashing an amazing 157 damage combo onto 213213’s Ezmo: hitting him twice with Destiny’s ultimate, then knocking him with Varesh’s Crush into Poloma’s ultimate:

Results for 3v3 Rivals Cup #42

  • 1st: Overconfident (Averse, ProsteR18, Bloom)
  • 2nd: Nova (Ninjas, stro, rarepeep)
  • 3rd: RealCouncil EU (Joltz, Godof, Jurgen)
  • 4th: Kappa 123 (Hotbiscuit, 213213, bLankkz)


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