NA Battlerite Recap: December Week 1

What happened in the competitive scene between 12/4 and 12/10

This week was an exciting one for competitive Battlerite in North America.

Freya’s War Chest

Freya’s War Chest was held on Saturday, drawing in up to 4,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch. The teams that qualified were All Meat No BrainFallenOverconfident, and Ephemeral. But due to some questionable pre-event behavior, Fallen was dropped from the tournament at the last minute. Floating rumors claim that the team’s star player, Arakune, had purposely attempted a sabotage of the tournament to get the event cancelled and deny prize money to his former teammate, Averse of Overconfident.

Fortunately, a replacement team was found in N2G, consisting of players HaiThardoap, and WillDaBeast (later replaced by Crookss).

Otherwise, the tournament ran smoothly, casted by LysanderXonora and InTheFlesh. There were plenty of close rounds, particularly between N2G and All Meat No Brain’s triple DPS comp, as well as Ephemeral taking rounds and even an entire map off of Overconfident early in the tournament. The highlight of the event had to be Averse (on Jumong) landing his ultimate on two enemies while Bloom (on Lucie) Goo’d them for massive damage:

Results for Freya’s War Chest

  • 1st: Overconfident (Averse, ProsteR18, Bloom)
  • 2nd: Ephemeral (FireBlaze, Dewizzle, Inflamed)
  • 3rd: N2G (Crookss, Doap, HaiThar)
  • 4th: All Meat No Brain (Emperor, tennisseason, DarkDurbaz)

3v3 Rivals Cup #41

On Sunday, RIVAL (formerly PRL) held their weekly tournament for North America. We saw some old names return to the tournament scene, including JKuyaFizzicles, and Arbs (as Vexation’s College Boys) as well as Finlev alongside Tahurtz and Trickmasta. This week’s tournament was casted by ShadowfuryInTheFleshCrookss, and even eygrr all the way from EU.

Jeter made his expected return to Unsung alongside neewha and Chalt after a couple weeks of absence. As for Unsung’s performance? They seemed generally dominant, beating Ephemeral in the lower bracket, but once it came time to face Nova for a chance at Grand Finals, they crumbled in a 0-5. Perhaps Jeter’s time away may have affected some synergy. Overconfident matched up against Nova in the Grand Finals and won in their typically oppressive fashion. Both games came out 5-1 in Overconfident’s favor, landing them in 1st place for yet another week.

RIVAL’s highlight play comes early in the tournament between Unsung and Nova in the upper bracket. Chalt is far behind the wall, readying a snipe, when stro places a well-guessed Chronoflux to reflect and kill him.

Results for 3v3 Rivals Cup #41

  • 1st: Overconfident (Averse, ProsteR18, Bloom)
  • 2nd: Nova (Ninjas, stro, rarepeep)
  • 3rd: Unsung (Chalt, Jeter, neewha)
  • 4th: ¯\_(?)_/¯ (TreesHaveLeaves, Unimportant, Trinth)


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