Masters of Bacon 3v3 Tournament #2 Dates and Signups Announced

Masters of Bacon, one of the first tournaments to ever take place during Battlerite Early Access, is coming around for a second go. As perhaps the best-known event among top-ranking players, you can be sure that this second annual contest will be fun to watch.

What sets Masters of Bacon apart from other tournaments, like Pro Rivalry or Battlerekt, is that its prize pool is entirely crowdfunded. Every donated dollar will go toward rewards for winning teams. If you want to donate, check out their Matcherino page.

The announced schedule for qualifiers will be:

  • Qualifier 1: Sunday, November 19
  • Qualifier 2: Sunday, November 26
  • Qualifier 3: Sunday, December 3
  • Qualifier 4: Sunday, December 10

And the main event will take place on:

  • Main Event: Friday, January 12 to Sunday, January 14

Masters of Bacon will be organized through Battlefy. If you want to participate, signups for each of the four Qualifiers will openĀ one week prior. To sign up, use theirĀ Battlefy page.

When each event goes live, you can watch it on their Twitch channel. Afterwards, VODs will most likely be made available on their YouTube channel. For news and updates, be sure to follow them on Twitter.


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