Let’s Speculate on What the “Crowd System” Might Be

Speculation is dangerous for two reasons. First, it can pave the way for unfounded rumors to start spreading. Second, it can get us hyped and excited for hypotheticals that may never happen. Not much good comes from speculation.

But let’s do it anyway. For fun!

In this case, speculation is more of a brainstorming activity than anything else. It gives us a chance to identify what was wrong with the observer experience in Bloodline Champions and how the supposed “crowd system” can address those issues. It’s a chance to show Stunlock what we’d like to see.


For those who don’t know, Stunlock has hinted on multiple occasions that there will be some kind of special activity for spectators in Battlerite. This activity — nicknamed the “crowd system” — is meant to boost player engagement somehow.

Here’s what they said to Sweden Game Arena:

Take a seat in the crowd and get swept along in the mayhem. As an observer, you will get the opportunity to follow the action; as a contender, you must smash in style to impress your fans.

Thanks to an all-new fan system, players will be able to interact with the crowds and even gain popularity. And remember: You do not always have to win the battle in order to win the hearts of the crowd.

And here’s a tidbit from MMOs.com:

An “all-new fan system” will allow a form of direct interaction with spectators that are part of the crowd. Players will be able to win the crowd, even if they don’t win the battle.

So what exactly do we know so far? Players will have some kind of interaction with spectators and spectators will determine the “popularity” of the players in some way. It’s all quite vague, hence the need to speculate.

I personally think — and this is just theory starting now — that this crowd system is going to be very simple: the “player interaction” will be similar to the taunt emotes in Bloodline Champions and the “popularity” will just be an end-of-round vote to determine per-round MVPs.

Maybe MVPs get some kind of bloodcoin bonus (assuming there will be a bloodcoin system in Battlerite) but that’s it. As long as players don’t get any gameplay bonuses based on spectator input, I’d be fine. The moment gameplay is impacted by spectators is the moment this system gets boycotted.

What do you think? What kind of crowd system are you hoping for? How much impact should the system have on actual gameplay? Is a system that encourages spectator engagement even necessary?


He is the lead writer at Battlecrank. You can find him on the Battlecrank Discord.

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First off regardless of whether people disagree with what you write about or your opinion this site is fantastic and the articles are well written. I don’t know about everyone else but it really helps keep the BLC withdrawal shakes at bay while we wait on BR.

With that being said, I like the idea of the crowd playing into some stat or out-of-battle boost.
Do you think it would be unreasonable to see the crowd influencing where the energy orb spawns? If you are winning the crowd it’s positioned closer to your side? That doesn’t seem to be too game breaking but offers some incentive to playing to the crowd?

Since they repeatedly say this is supposed to be a competitive game my assumption is that they will not be adding it in an abusive, uncompetitive way but they added gems/talents/levels so who knows…

Thanks again for your support of this small but passionate community!


I can only repeat Dara – keep up the good work! 🙂

On the one hand side I personally could image some kind of implemented betting system. Something like betting on CS:GO matches on several websites but in the actual game as an observer “mini-game”. This could provide increasing viewer-numbers, especially because you can’t simply do it outside the game client but have to be in the actual game. I think this could attract a lot of people.

Further I could imagine that there might be some kind of skin-gambling or some other bonuses for player the crowd likes most. Nevertheless I hope the system won’t be abusable too easy.



The first time I heard of this system, the thought of some sort of gladiatorial arena came to mind. The crowd would be able to bestow one of the players with a bonus and onus of some sort. In a different game I’d for example think of a unique strong weapon – of which the player is granted but also imposed on, the use. It would offer particular options and the player would have to find a way to bring it into his playstyle.

I’m, not sure how this would work in BR. Items dropped on the floor? Movable walls?
That might work. If the crowd really likes you, they might be able to drop an object of some sort close to you. If you hit it with an M1, the prop shoots across the floor. Time it right and you can block projectiles with it. By the same token, the enemy team, if they play it well, could appropriate it and turn it against you.

That’d be a way for the spectators to influence the game without breaking it.


Spectator interaction is not something that under any circumstances should affect gameplay, if we see to the serious aspect. Unranked – Sure. Otherwise – No.

I like the sound of an end-of-round vote to determine per-round MVPs, but if the result were to be conveyed to the players, it would need to come with a turn on/off option as far from all players would want this feature active.

You can’t really make it a betting system either, unless you limit the betting cap to trivial measures, as the ability to control cheating would be non’existent. And if you restrict the system to that degree it would take away the fun of it.

As the playerbase grows, so does Stunlocks chances of successfully implementing these kind of features, but for now I hope they play it safe.

Also love your site, keep up the good work. <3


I hope it won’t be a thing in normal/rated games; stick it to the tournaments. Only Spectating should be OK during normal games.

Probably anything that could affect any kind of gameplay is a big NO from me.

I could agree with the Spectating and drop some bloodcoins on MVP or which teams comes out as the winner. But that would the focus on geting more engagement from the spectators with the game, instead of just watching the game.

Another thought, that might not work with 2v2 as well as other games with more players. Would be the thing Overwatch has at the end of their rounds, when you can upvote ones stat. Like most dmg, kills, support.. But instead of Overwatch, you acctually get something for it. 🙂