Legends of Quna Event Reveal

The trailer video for the next Battlerite event has dropped. Legends of Quna will celebrate the Lunar Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, with some new skins and mounts inspired by traditional Chinese culture. In the trailer we see 2 new mounts and legendary outfits and weapons for Lucie, Destiny, Alysia, Sirius, Raigon, and Ruh Kaan. If it’s anything like previous events, there will also be new poses and weapons for the rest of the cast.

The event starts on February 13 and will run until March 14. Another thing to note is that there will also be a Double Account XP event from February 13 – 16, so be sure to make the most of it and unlock some event chests by leveling up your account!

Watch the trailer below and let us know whose new skin you like the most.


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