jd’s Self-Analysis of BCS Qualifier #6 Finals

I recently played in the BCS Qualifier #6 tournament with team Battlewrong, and I played Shifu throughout the tournament. We made it to the finals against Earth Water Arrows but lost the map with a 4-5 score, and in this article I’m going to explore why.

There are many things to learn from replay analysis, especially when those replays are of tournament matches, but I’m going to look specifically at plays that changed the tempo of the game. These will include big plays, mistakes, and small decisions that led to success or failure.

I’ll be using a chronological list of time markers for each important play in the video below, but you can watch the whole match for fuller context if you want.

@7:30 I call out to my team that Jumong (Fireblaze) has nothing up because he had used Black Arrow about three seconds ago and he just used Prowl. Since he has every escape on cooldown we choose to focus him and we’re able to finish him off. This kill secures the round for us.

@7:47 Lucie (MrHuDat) uses her Roll to avoid Impale damage. This may seem like a good idea, but if she was keeping track of our team’s energy then she would have known that I almost have a full ultimate ready. She is killed soon after because she did not have her Roll to escape my ultimate.

@9:11 Jumong (NaraKaiden) decides to use his Prowl offensively to get some damage on the enemy Jumong (FireBlaze) but it ends up backfiring. FireBlaze uses his Immaterial right afterwards to get the incapacitate onto NaraKaiden, then Ruh Kaan (Emperor) comes in to help punish him.

@9:43 I make a mistake by not paying attention to my surroundings. I was running back to my team and didn’t notice the Panic Flask coming through the Bubble. I get hit by the Panic as the Bubble expires. EWA is able to secure the orb because it was a 2v3 situation with me Panicked away. This gives them the advantage in the round, and it was partially the reason they won.

@11:51 I have a very bad start to the round. I try to engage on Lucie (MrHuDat) but get Panicked, which allows Ruh Kaan (Emperor) to get a free Shadow Bolt on me. I waste Kunju because I try to get it off before the Shadow Bolt lands, but fail. Then Ruh Kaan pulls me in and silences me. I use Fleetfoot to escape but then have nothing up and only half HP 15 seconds into the round.

@14:13 Pearl (Fahros) does not manage his cooldowns effectively as he dives toward the south side of the map. It’s so important to keep track of cooldowns, and when you know their ultimates are available, you have to save your cooldowns. He dies soon after diving because the Lucie (MrHuDat) smartly uses his Crippling Goo on him.

@14:37 The caster makes a great point at why our team is struggling. EWA is doing a great job at splitting our team and creating 2v2 and 1v1 situations, which they excel at. Our team needs to stick together in order to combo our ultimates and win rounds.

@16:00 Jumong (Fireblaze) has an amazing flick ultimate that lands on me. I’m not expecting it all and actually cancel my counter because I don’t think he’s going for me. It ensures my death and wins them the round. This shows how important it is to not telegraph your abilities.

@16:45 After winning the previous round and only being one more away from victory, Jumong (Fireblaze) gets a bit cocky and decides to go ultra aggressive. He uses all of his escapes offensively and he dies almost immediately for it. You should always respect your opponents even if you have a big lead.

@19:45 The casters mention the mindset you need to have when you’re down in Battlerite. You need to think positive and focus on what you can do to improve and adapt.

@20:07 A great display of communication and ultimate combos happens here. Jumong (NaraKaiden) fires his Dragon Slayer ultimate to stun two enemies, then I follow up with a Whirlwind to get a kill. Pearl (Fahros) also throws in an empowered M1 to make the combo even more deadly.

@21:11 Pearl (Fahros) unfortunately wastes both her Dive and Tidal Wave. EWA recognizes this mistake and quickly capitalizes on it. This is a good example of how high-level 3v3 play can be a lot more punishing compared to 2v2. Killing Pearl that early makes it almost impossible for us to come back, so they are able to take the tournament with their great communication and play.

These highlights are the main plays that influenced the outcome of the game, but I recommend watching the whole video to learn more about positioning, team play, and counter play. I hope this analysis helped you improve in some way, and please give any feedback in the comments below.


I am a column writer for Battlecrank. I'm currently at 3800 mmr and play in several tournaments. My main goal is to help others improve.

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