Indredd13 Interviews KlernY: “The game shouldn’t be this way”

Last time it was Finlev. This time it’s KlernY, one of the better-known Swedish players who made his name way back in the days of Bloodline Champions. Even though Battlerite isn’t a total bust, he seems a bit disappointed with how it’s turning out in relation to his expectations of it.

Poloma isn’t as fun as Psychopomp, Ruh Kaan is more than just a bit too strong, and if he could pick a champion to port over right this moment, it would be Headhunter. Here’s what he had to say about the current state of the game:

What is the biggest change that you would like to see come into Battlerite right now?

Biggest change? I don’t know what would be the biggest change. I would see so many changes to Battlerite right now, because the game is in the wrong position. It shouldn’t be this way. It should be way higher movement speed, the hurtboxes of champions should be lowered, also think hitboxes of some abilities are just insane. Ruh Kaan’s Shadowbolt, for example.

Soon after, the interview transitions into more personal topics. Favorite food? Most embarrasing story? What brings out the rage in KlernY? He shares all about it, plus his thoughts on heaven, in this 25-minute interview. Listen to the full thing below. If you enjoy, make sure you Like it and follow Indredd13 on YouTube!


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