Indredd13 Hosts Fan Pack Giveaway After Reaching 1k Subs

Indredd13, who you may know as one of the rotating casters throughout the Battlerite competitive scene, recently broke the 1,000 subscribers count on his YouTube channel. In celebration, he’s giving away 3 Ultimate Fan Packs!

What’s included in the Ultimate Fan Pack?

  • Legendary “Goblin Throne” Mount.
  • Legendary “Battle Wolf” Mount.
  • “Hero of the Arena” Icon attached to your name and avatar.
  • Type in Golden Text instead of Vanilla when chatting.
  • Permanent +10% Champion XP boost for you and anyone you play with or against. This bonus stacks with other players that have unlocked the Ultimate Fan Pack.
  • 5 Gold Chests.

To participate, subscribe to his channel and leave a comment on the giveaway video. The comment can be whatever you want as long as you keep it clean and mature. Winners will be picked on December 7, so enter while you still can!

Note that you will need the base version of Battlerite in order to apply the Ultimate Fan Pack, so this giveaway will NOT grant you access to the Battlerite Early Access if you aren’t already in.


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