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This is a list of commonly-used terms that may confuse first-time Battlerite players. The goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, but if you see a term that’s missing and deserves to be here, please leave a comment below and I’ll add it!

Last updated: December 29, 2017



  • Amplify: Either a buff that multiplies the amount of damage you output or a debuff that multiplies the amount of damage you receive.


  • Bait: Tricking an enemy into using an ability, usually by cancelcasting.
  • Battlerite: A modifier that augments what an ability can do, either by increasing its power or introducing new effects. Learn more in our guide to the battlerite system.
  • BLC: Bloodline Champions, a previous PvP game created by Stunlock Studios that was the direct inspiration for Battlerite.
  • Blind: A debuff that reduces your vision range.


  • CC: See Crowd Control.
  • CD: See Cooldown.
  • Charge: Has many meanings. An ability charge lets you cast an ability multiple times, with each charge on its own cooldown. A weapon charge is used to boost the effect on your M2 ability. An ammo charge limits how often you can use your M1 or empowered M1 effect. Can also be shorthand for Bakko’s ultimate.
  • Collapse: See Punish.
  • Comp: See Composition.
  • Composition: A specific combination of champions that make up a team, whether for 2v2 or 3v3. In other words, how a team is composed.
  • Cooldown: The time it takes before you can cast an ability again. Can also be used as a synonym for “ability” (e.g. “waste your cooldowns”).
  • Counter: A channeling ability that negates the next melee or projectile hit and triggers a reactive effect. Every counter effect is unique.
  • Crowd Control: Any debuff that impairs the target’s ability to move or cast abilities.


  • D-Barrier: Stands for “directional barrier,” a defensive ability type that creates a 180-degree barrier that negates melee and projectile hits.
  • Dash: An ability that causes you to move in a straight line towards the cursor.
  • Disable: See Crowd Control.
  • Dispel: An ability that either removes all buffs from an enemy target, all debuffs from an allied target, or both. Some abilities only dispel movement-related debuffs.


  • Energy: A mana-like resource that’s generated every time you land an offensive ability (e.g. a melee attack, projectile attack, or AOE attack) or most healing abilities. Energy is used to cast R abilities, EX abilities, and ultimates. Learn more in our guide to energy management.
  • Escape: Any ability that lets you slip out of a dangerous situation (“hard escape” such as a teleport) or mitigate incoming pressure (“soft escape” such as a shield).
  • EX: An alternative version of a normal ability that shares the same cooldown. Requires energy to cast.


  • Fear: See Panic.
  • Focus: To direct all of your offensive pressure on a single target.
  • Fog: See Vortex.


  • Globe: An uncommon term describing the green health orbs and yellow energy orbs that spawn around the map.



  • Iframe: Stands for “invulnerability frame,” which is a part in an ability’s animation where you become invulnerable to all damage except the Death Vortex. Not all abilities have iframes.
  • Immaterial: An effect where your character turns translucent and cannot be hit by any attacks.
  • Inhouse: A private match consisting only of players who know each other.
  • Incap: See Incapacitate.
  • Incapacitate: A debuff that renders you unable to move or cast abilities, but gets dispelled as soon as you take any damage.


  • Juke: To move in such a way that you dodge multiple attacks in a row.



  • LMB: Stands for “left mouse button.” See M1.


  • M1: Stands for “mouse 1 button” and indicates a champion’s primary attack ability.
  • M2: Stands for “mouse 2 button” and often refers to a support’s heal ability.


  • Neutral Game: When neither team is engaged and everyone is looking for an opening to attack. Usually involves a lot of ranged poking. Learn more in our guide on the neutral game.


  • One-Trick Pony: A player who only plays one specific champion, especially in tournaments.
  • Orb: Most often refers to the breakable orb that spawns in the middle of every map, but can also refer to the orb dropped by dead teammates or the green/yellow orbs that spawn around the map. Learn more about all of these in our guide to orbs.
  • OTP: See One-Trick Pony.
  • Out: See Escape.


  • Panic: A debuff that causes you to run away from whoever panicked you and makes you unable to cast any abilities.
  • Peel: To pull or separate an aggressive enemy off of a teammate to relieve pressure.
  • Petrify: A debuff that renders you unable to move or cast abilities and grants a shield. If the shield is broken, the debuff ends early.
  • Pillar: The act of running around walls and out of sight of your support teammate so that they can’t heal you.
  • Poke: Hitting a target with ranged attacks to deal some chip damage before a serious engagement.
  • Pressure: Forcing an enemy to play suboptimally by overwhelming them with offensive abilities, zoning, and positioning.
  • Punish: Unloading your offensive abilities on a target who doesn’t have any defensive abilities available so that they take a lot of damage.
  • Purge: See Dispel.



  • Rambo: Hyper aggression. Jumping into multiple enemies and putting out a ton of pressure very quickly. Can be successful, most times it isn’t.
  • Rite: See Battlerite.
  • RMB: Right mouse button. See M2.
  • Root: A debuff that renders a target unable to move, but can still cast abilities.
  • Rune: A lesser-used synonym for the middle orb. See Orb.


  • Scrub: A player who has a loser’s mentality and is unlikely to improve until they leave that mentality behind. Learn more in our article on knowing whether you’re a scrub.
  • SD: See Sudden Death.
  • Shield: An ability that grants temporary health on top of your actual health. Any damage you receive is first applied to the shield.
  • Silence: A debuff that renders a target unable to cast abilities, but can still move.
  • Smurf: A player who’s playing on an account other than their “main” account. Learn more about why smurfs are bad for F2P games.
  • Snare: A debuff that reduces a target’s movement speed.
  • Space: Most champions have a mobility spell in the default Space keybinding. Spacing refers to using this ability.
  • Spellblock: A debuff that triggers a secondary effect if the target casts an ability while under the spellblock effect. Secondary effects can be silences, panics, etc.
  • Stack (buffs): Overlapping buffs or debuffs of the same type. Most buffs can be stacked together (e.g. shields) but most debuffs are overwritten and do not extend duration (e.g. incaps, panics, petrifies).
  • Stack (teams): A premade team.
  • Stun: A debuff that renders a target unable to move or cast abilities. Unlike incapacitates, stuns do not dispel upon taking damage.
  • Sudden Death: When the round timer reaches 0:00, the playable map area begins to shrink due to the encroaching Death Vortex, which causes unavoidable damage.


  • Tierlist: No such thing in Battlerite.
  • Tilt: A negative emotional state that results from a bad loss or losing too many times in a row, which negatively impacts your performance in upcoming matches. Most often occurs in solo queue.
  • Trade: Fighting 1v1 and trying to deal more damage to them than they deal to you.
  • Trance: See Counter.
  • Tunnel: See Focus.


  • Ult: See Ultimate.
  • Ultimate: Every champion’s one game-changing ability that costs 100 energy to cast.


  • Vortex: The Death Vortex is a circle-shaped fog that shows up during Sudden Death, starting from the outside of the map and moving in towards the center over time. Deals damage through all iframes.


  • Weaken: A debuff that reduces a target’s damage output and healing output.
  • Whiff: To completely miss a big ability, usually an ultimate, and getting zero value out of it.



  • Yolo: See Rambo.


  • Zoning: Using abilities in a way that forces enemies to stay back or move in a certain direction.

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