EU Battlerite Recap: December Week 1

What happened in the competitive scene between 12/4 and 12/10

This week was as close as ever in European competitive Battlerite.

Freya’s War Chest

Freya’s War Chest was held on Sunday, reaching up to 4,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch. The teams that qualified were AelmaolekekImpactTutorial Boss, and In Pace.

This tournament felt really close all around, even if some maps had round scores that weren’t particularly close. Then again, we had maps like the first of the night where 4th place team Aelmaolekek went 4-5 against Impact, which clearly displayed just how tight the competition is right now in Europe.

In Pace’s K3b4b1 showed us how versatile he can be during this tournament, playing Varesh, Destiny, Taya, and Ezmo, all to great success. We saw LysanderXonora and eygrr casting this week, keeping the action exciting. And although there are definite placings for each team, don’t underestimate just how good each of these teams are.

Our highlight clip for this tournament has to be the extremely close round between Tutorial Boss and In Pace. All members on each team were below 100 HP and the sudden death circle had begun closing in. That’s when an explosive series of events left K3b4b1 in a 1v2 against Xaynox and KlernY and running to a full orb left behind by his teammate. When K3b4b1 started up his Destiny ultimate, there seemed to be hope, but the Blackstone walls had something else in mind:

Results for Freya’s War Chest

  • 1st: Impact (DizzlarN, vAgue57, Godof)
  • 2nd: In Pace (Rutha, Bo4, K3b4b1)
  • 3rd: Tutorial Boss (randler, Xaynox, KlernY)
  • 4th: Aelmaolekek (Hotbiscuit, bLankzz, Condemned)

Masters of Bacon 2 Qualifier #4

Masters of Bacon held their final qualifier event for their tournament series this week, casted by Crooks and InTheFlesh. This last qualifier concluded with the remaining two teams for the Main Event.

Throughout the tournament, Intolerant’s new lineup seemed dominant, winning most games in a 5-2 round count or better. eoekas showed everyone how effective Pearl can be in 3v3 when picked into the right comp, justifying his spot on Intolerant’s already-strong roster. Untrue met Intolerant in the Grand Finals, finally giving the audience something to cheer for. Both games went 4-4 and had strong comebacks, but ultimately Intolerant secured both wins and won the event.

Masters of Bacon’s Main Event will include teams Aelmaolekek, Imperium, Impact, Tutorial Boss, TelRoskMi, We Dem Bois, Intolerant, and Untrue. The tournament has been completely crowdfunded plus the earnings from their Twitch channel, leaving a prize pool currently standing at nearly $800! This is a great example of how grassroots and dedicated the Battlerite competitive community is, and will help create incentive for other tournament organizers to branch out into Battlerite.

If you want to contribute, check out their website.

The highlight clip of the tournament is a great example of great coordination and hard punishing. This was the first map of the Grand Finals and it was 4-4, only one round to determine which way the momentum will go. The final round had just begun and there were a couple small exchanges, forcing TheMostCommonBoy to use his space. Joltz had an Ezmo M2 ready and pulled him for a complete 100-0.

Results for Masters of Bacon 2 Qualifier #4

  • 1st: Intolerant (Joltz, eoekas, Nyy)
  • 2nd: Untrue (Lum1, TheMostCommonBoy, C0rrupteD)
  • 3rd: dont ban croak plz (Jeter, eygrr, Zab)
  • 4th: Grow Team (Blame33, Jurgen, Alboniks)


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