Dev Blog #34: Bundles, DLCs, and No More Weekly Dev Blogs

Today marks the last Dev Blog to be published before Battlerite enters its F2P era, and it’s a relatively quiet one. If you were expecting patch notes or more information on Thorn, it’s okay to feel disappointed. You’ll just have to wait a few more days for that.

So what did we get instead?┬áRead the full Dev Blog post. Here’s a summary.

First things first, the Dev Blog will no longer be a weekly post. Going forward, it will likely shift into a once per month (maybe even twice per month) format. There won’t be a set schedule, so say goodbye to the “DEV BLOG WHEN?” era. The post also mentions a “different form” for the posts. Will they remain as dev blogs, or become something else? Nobody knows yet.

Second, some cosmetic packs are changing.┬áNew Era players will be able to buy a Champion’s Pack that grants all current and future champions (similar to the Early Access Bundle but more expensive). The Ultimate Fan Pack is getting updated and will cost more in the New Era (current owners of the UFP will receive all updates on launch day).

A new Value Pack will also be purchaseable, while the Legendary Loot Pack will be taken away.

Third, Legendary Prestige items! Legendary weapons and outfits will be getting brilliant recolors that do NOT drop in chest but instead must be unlocked with Battle Coins. In order to unlock a Legendary Prestige recolor, you must own the base Legendary item and you must be at least Level 10 for that champion.

In addition to all the new cosmetics in the New Era, there will also be a chance to receive loot in the form of 75 Tokens (common) and 500 Tokens (rare).

What do you think of these changes? How excited are you for F2P launch?


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