Dev Blog #29: What’s in Store for Season 5?

Season 5 will be the final season before the F2P launch.

According to Shelt, this season will mainly focus on solidifying the matchmaking and ranking systems in preparation for the influx of F2P players. Changes we can expect include:

  • The removal of Contender League.
  • The removal of Win Streak Bonuses.
  • A consolidation of each League down from 8 to 5 Divisions.
  • A redistribution of players across Leagues:
    • About 42 percent will be in Bronze League.
    • About 33 percent will be in Silver League.
    • About 15 percent will be in Gold League.
    • About 6 percent will be in Platinum League.
    • About 2 percent will be in Diamond League.
    • About 1 percent will be in Champion League.
    • Grand Champion League will be rare and prestigious.
  • The reintroduction of placement matches at season starts.
  • The introduction of rating decay for Diamond League and above:
    • One ranked match per week will avoid decay.
  • A ratings reset for all players.

We can expect other changes as well, including more control over matchmaking preferences and the ability to queue as a random champion.

Unfortunately, the new champion that was planned for end of September won’t be arriving until a later patch. However, there is a big announcement in store for September 20 (Battlerite’s one-year birthday), so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Read the full dev blog here.


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