Daniel on Design: “Battlerite Is Not a Fighting Game”

This game is not a fighting game. It’s a TEAM fighting game.

The Battlerite subreddit imploded a few days ago when notorious player Daniel came out with fists a-swinging, claiming that Battlerite will die if major changes are not made to the game’s fundamental design. Tensions peaked when he released a video rant (complete with a provocative title) on all the reasons why Battlerite sucks in his eyes.

He followed up with a cleaner, calmer video where he specifically focused on the game’s M1 mechanics and the apparent lack of depth in the design. Though many appreciated his exercise in restraint, not many agreed with his solutions.

Now he’s released a third and last video, one where he approaches the problem from a completely different angle: Battlerite champions cannot be designed in the same way that fighting game champions are because Battlerite is not a fighting game.

His solution, which is to specialize each champion’s kit so that each one has glaring weaknesses and must depend on other champions, is one that both casuals and veterans seem to be (mostly) agreeable on.

This video is less than 10 minutes long and every player should make time to watch it — not because it’s necessarily the best solution, but because it’s an interesting one that deserves a healthy amount of discussion. Check it out below and leave a comment with how you feel regarding what he said.


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Here’s a response by Teldo which I liked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPhN5uhgwKY