Comment Contest Winners for November 2017

Remember the comment contest? Yep, it’s still going! Every month, three of the best comments are picked and rewarded with the choice of either a Champion Chest or a Legendary Chest. Helpful, thought-provoking, or otherwise high-effort comments are the most likely to win.

This time, we congratulate Lord and SaviorHanmace, and Dropyourstick!

Lord and Savior left a comment on How to Install and Play Battlerite on Mac with instructions on how to skip the Steam interface and launch directly into Battlerite, which was a workaround for a bug that recently popped up. It’s too bad that Mac emulation is such an unstable mess, but thanks for helping out!

Solution for the newest Steam version:
Go to Wineskin Advanced -> Configuration and in the “EXE Flags” field type:
-applaunch 504370

This will launch Battlerite directly, skipping the Steam interface (that doesn’t work now).

Hanmace left a comment on Interview With Jeremy Bearson with some fantastic feedback and some advice on how to improve audio quality for the podcast, and I’ll be employing his advice in the next episode. Thanks a ton for your help, Hanmace. It’s the kind of helpful content I love to see on this site!

First thing I notice, your voice is sexy, second, it’s a little ruined by your mic. I don’t know what software you used for the call or to record. You can usually get away with mic quality like that because your guest will also have similar quality. What I mean by that is, your mic peaks and crackles quite a bit. I was informally trained as a sound engineer, so I might be overly critical about audio, but it was something that stood out to me quickly. You might also want to find some EQ(Equalizer – it controls the level of individual frequencies) software and put a low pass filter on it to clear up your voice some.

Don’t get too caught up in always feeling like you need to do an interview. With some guests, it’s better to just have a chat between friend. I only mentioned this because you mentioned in the post that they would be casual interviews. Podcasts are such an open an versatile platform, don’t limit yourself too quickly. Some guests will give short answers and make things difficult for you, especially since a lot of these people aren’t public figures. A lot of those potential issues would be solved by allowing yourself the fluidity of a more open format.

There is some other stuff I would say like: don’t be afraid to let your personality show more, don’t be afraid to let the guest or yourself go off on a tangent(I think you did a pretty decent job on this) etc., but, it was your first podcast. You did a great job, I loved it.

Dropyourstick left a comment on 3 Tips to Help You Maximize Middle Orb Control with some orb control advice for Pestilus, a champion I don’t play much and had accidentally skipped when writing the article. I know I miss a lot of stuff in my writing, so these kinds of helpful comments are always appreciated and welcomed.

Pestilus has insane orb control. As mentioned in the article, the queen can be used to block last hits. You could also stack a moth on the queen to help it live longer and if you take the battlerite that allows you to move the queen after casting you could time the moth to explode just as it reaches the orb, giving you damage. Moving the queen when she’s close to exploding also allows you to threaten and bait enemies with your aoe panic. Although it may not seem like so, Pestilus has insane damage when given the opportunity to do so. All Pestilus needs is 3 left clicks and 1 right click. Right click comes out so fast and deals a solid 30 damage that it’s hard to contest it as the enemy, even if you have a Jade or Jumong.

Thanks all for your high-quality contributions! The contest continues into December.


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