Champion Teaser: Jamila Emerges From the Shadows

The latest teaser for the new upcoming champion has been released. After a vague image of rooftops in the moonlight tweeted last week, today we got an animated short introducing the new character.

In the video we see Croak leaping across the rooftops carrying a small orb, much like the ones in the centre of each map. Then a dark female figure appears and after a brief confrontation, steals the orb from Croak. It’s a short teaser but there’s definitely some things we can extract about the new champion.

First of all, doing a bit of digging and looking at the video tags on Youtube, it seems like she’ll be named Jamila, and as many predicted she is the port of Stalker from BLC. The abilities briefly showcased in the video certainly have a Stalker flavour to them.

Jamila’s main weapons appear to be large blades attached to her forearms. From this we can assume she’s a melee fighter, especially as we’ve had a support and two ranged for the previous three releases. She also throws out some kunai, a classic ninja projectile weapon, fitting for her shadow assassin theme. The last thing we see is her dash off a wall in a dazzling flash and steal the orb Croak was trying to protect.

A moment before Jamila springs off the wall and dashes into an unsuspecting Croak

From what we’ve seen so far, she seems like a stealthy, rogue-like assassin character, similar to Croak who she faced off against. The dash, projectiles, and arm blades are reminiscent of Stalker but we’ll have to wait and see how close the port really is. You can read more about Stalker’s old abilities here.

Jamila is due to arrive along with Season 1 on March 7. Let us know your thoughts on the teaser. Are you excited or terrified of the stalker in the shadows?


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Yeah, this hero look very nice!


Croak haters jizzing their bottoms atm.


And there goes my hopes of a stalker port from BLC 🙁