Champion Preview: Zander, the Magnificent Magician

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After a string of teasers over the past couple weeks, the reveal trailer for Battlerite’s newest upcoming champion has dropped. Welcome Zander, the Magnificent Magician to the Arena. You can watch the trailer, posted by IGN, here.

It wasn’t confirmed in the video, but it’s probably safe to assume Zander will be arriving in the patch planned for Wednesday, January 17.

So what can we tell about Zander’s kit from the trailer video?

First, you might be tempted to think Stunlock has released a third ranged champion in a row. But if you look carefully, for example at around 0:52, you can see that, just like his little sister Lucie, he appears to be a support character. His projectiles are absorbed by his teammate and you can see their health get restored too, which is similar to Pestilus and Poloma.

Looking at what else we can see, his abilities seem to consist of:

  • A ranged projectile basic attack. This looks like it will function similarly to Poloma and Pestilus’s M1s in that it damages enemies and heals allies.
  • A long range piercing projectile attack.
  • A portal he can place that lingers for some time. If he or an ally enter the portal, they’re transported across the map.
  • A 360-degree shield, similar in appearance to Raigon’s Parry.
  • An escape ability that transforms Zander into a rabbit, knocking enemies back and presumably giving him increased movement speed.
  • An AoE spell that looks like it might heal allies stood in it.
  • A dash ability that looks reminiscent of Ezmo’s Displace, but it leaves behind some kind of mirror image or shadow clone in the original location. These clones seem to be an interesting mechanic that play a large part in Zander’s kit.
  • Another AoE spell that polymorphs enemies caught in it, transforming them into defenseless sheep.
  • His ultimate ability, which simply places a mirror image at the target location.

But what are these mirror image clones Zander is making use of? Well they appear to function similarly to Ezmo’s Tome of Destruction. The clones he creates mimic his basic attacks, but with reduced damage/healing.

However, it’s not quite as simple as that, as we can see some interesting interactions with the mirror images in the video, and it seems there are some differences in the type of clones Zander creates.

At 0:55, there are two clones in addition to the original Zander, showing he can create more than one at a time. Also interesting to note is that the one presumably created by his ultimate is not just mimicking his basic attack, but copying his long-range projectile attack:

So it seems there’s a basic clone which just mimics Zander’s M1, but also an upgraded version that will replicate his other attacks too!

We don’t have any details on his battlerites yet, hopefully those will come soon enough with patch notes. Until then, let us know your thoughts on Zander. Did you spot anything else in the video?


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Great article.

corey shoket
corey shoket

did you see that when he ults at 50 seconds the clone copies the ability of his sleep turning ability make it look like it could do a lot of things and he can react to his ult which why I think there an AoE for it?


I lub neru