Champion Preview: Ulric, the Unwavering Light

Aegis of Valour

The third champion planned for 2018 in Stunlock’s New Era roadmap has been announced with the preview trailer you can watch above. Ulric, the Unwavering Light will be entering the arena on March 28.

Ulric has the classic Paladin aesthetic with big chunky armour and a “holy light” flavour. Going by the video he looks to be a melee support character, the second ever after Sirius. Based on his appearance and what we can see in the trailer, it would seem he is the gender-swapped port of Guardian from Bloodline Champions. With hammer and shield in hand, he protects allies while not being afraid to dash into the front lines himself.

So here’s what I think we can see of his abilities in the trailer:

  • M1 – melee attack with his hammer. Similar to Sirius, it also seems to charge up over time. When fully charged, the attack inflicts a short stun or incapacitate.
  • M2 – heal. If you look closely in the video, you can see what appear to be heal charges displayed next to Ulric’s health bar. At 00:28, these charges decrease from (1) to (0) and an effect appears around Destiny that restores some health. It doesn’t look like a projectile so it could be a “from the heavens” type heal similar to Sirius.
  • Space – piercing dash. A long dash ability that passes though allies and enemies while giving Ulric i-frames. Enemies he dashes through are damaged while allies are healed and applied with a buff effect. It also charges his M1, and based on the triple dash we see at 00:35 it seems it can be recast if passing through an ally.
  • Q – shield barrier. Ulric applies a barrier to himself (or presumably allies too although it isn’t shown) which sends out a shockwave knocking enemies back. We can see the knockback effect at 00:27 after Raigon jumps on him. We also see Ulric use this ability again at 01:00 after using his ultimate, showing it’s not an EX ability that requires energy.
  • E – multiple small projectiles. Just after he applies the shield to himself at 00:27, Ulric fires out a couple of small projectiles. He then seems to charge up slightly for a third projectile, and in the next clip we see him fire this at Varesh, dealing more damage.
  • R – barrier of light. A large barrier that absorbs projectiles. When the effect ends, or perhaps as a recast, it sends out 5 piercing projectiles in a cone that damage enemies and inflict the Blind debuff, which can be seen by the eye icon above the enemies at 00:18. Perhaps the blind effect is a battlerite choice.
  • F – shield throw. Ulric throws out his aegis shield which damages and stuns an enemy on hit. The shield drops to the floor and can be picked up by an ally to provide a movement speed buff and shield protection, as seen when Shifu picks it up at 00:52. In the next clip Ulric uses it against Thorn who dodges, but the shield returns after a delay and still hits Thorn. This could be an extra effect provided by a battlerite choice.
  • EX E – suspending light. Ulric jumps up, providing i-frames, and slams his hammer back down sending out a projectile that disables an enemy by suspending them in the air, seen at 00:22. This seems to be a new type of Crowd Control unique to Ulric. The enemy is immobilised and unable to use abilities, but at the same time cannot be damaged while in the air.
  • EX Q – AoE shield buff. Seen at 00:21 just before the suspending light ability, Ulric gives himself and his nearby ally a shield that protects against damage. Seen again at 00:32, but only Ulric in the AoE. The animation is slightly different to the standard shield ability.

So those are my predictions based on combing through the video. We’ll have to wait for the patch notes next week to see how close they are. Either way, Ulric looks to be an interesting champion with lots of mobility, and it’s nice to have another aggressive melee support alongside Sirius.

What are your thoughts on Ulric? Did you spot anything else in the trailer?


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Nice article! 😀 Ulric looks sick!


very cool article! I hope hes aesome