Champion Preview: Destiny, the Sky Ranger

Most of us are still settling in after the release of Thorn, but Stunlock won’t have any of that. The meta is about to shift yet again with another champion release: Destiny, the Sky Ranger.

She arrives on Wednesday, November 22! Just in time for Thanksgiving.

What can we see from the trailer?

  • Blaster arm, as expected.
  • A normal M1 blaster ability.
  • An alternative M1 blaster ability that shields allies?
  • A control wall ability that freezes projectiles.
  • A jump-up-and-shoot ability (iframe plus AOE).
  • A circular fence ability that stuns enemies if they move out.
  • A ball-rolling mobility ability with on-contact knockback.
  • A slow-moving ball shot ability that explodes.
  • A ricocheting mobility ultimate ability.

Some of that might be wrong, but even so, Destiny looks quite unusual and fun to play. It’s too early to say whether she’s too powerful or not, but she’s definitely going to shake up the game. Step aside, Thorn!

What are your first impressions of Destiny?


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gotta go fast


Very similar to metal warden from Bloodline Champions


Seems like she has some kind of counter as well. From the initial fight with Raigon, when he jumps over her wall 😊