Champion Preview: Alysia, the Ice Weaver

We knew from Stunlock’s New Era roadmap that we were due a new champion in December, and SLS gave us a little tease on social media hinting at something coming on December 13. But in a surprising move, the reveal trailer is already here, delivered by IGN.

The newest champion is Alysia the Ice Weaver, an ice mage that chills enemies with frosty ranged attacks. Check out the trailer above to see a demonstration of her abilities.

Another unexpected move by SLS is releasing a second ranged champion in a row, right after we had Destiny. Many were expecting a support champion release to even out the roster, but instead we get our first original Battlerite champion since Pearl that isn’t ported from Bloodline Champions. Sorry Grimrog mains, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

So what can we see in the trailer?

Well, as always, Stunlock’s references are out of control. Many of Alysia’s ability names are straight from Jaina’s arsenal in World of Warcraft: Frost Bolt, Ice Lance, Ice Block. Her R ability, Ice Crown, could also be a reference to the home of the Lich King himself (Icecrown Citadel).

Looking at the ability effects, it seems Alysia will have lots of CC potential with her debuffs, Chill and Freeze. Chill slows affected targets while Freeze is essentially like Petrify, immobilizing targets while granting them a 20 damage shield.


Frost Bolt (M1)
Projectile attack dealing 15 damage. Deals 2 bonus damage and extends Chill duration to enemies already affected by Chill.

Ice Lance (M2)
Projectile attack dealing 22 damage and inflicting Chill. Deals 8 bonus damage to enemies already affected by Chill.

Arctic Wind (Space)
Jump to a target location.

Glacial Prism (Q)
Shield a target ally for up to 24 damage. When the shield ends or is broken, it explodes inflicting Chill on nearby enemies.

Flash Freeze (E)
Call down a frozen star at target location, dealing 15 damage and inflicting Chill to enemies in the area. Enemies already affected by Chill will be Frozen instead.

Ice Crown (R)
Launches an ice wall that blocks attacks and knocks enemies back. When it breaks it launches a cone of icicles dealing 20 damage and inflicting Chill.

Frozen Gallery (F)
Lay a path of frost in front of you that, after a 1 second delay, deals 35 damage and Freezes enemies.

Ice Block (EX-Q)
Freeze a target ally, granting them a 40 damage shield and CC immunity.

Snow Cone (EX-E)
Channel an icy beam that deals 16 damage and inflicts Chill. If the target becomes fully chilled while Snow Cone is active, they will Freeze.

The IGN exclusive preview also shows her battlerites.


Frozen Muse (Frost Bolt)
Whenever you inflict Freeze, your Frost Bolts are empowered for 3 seconds. They deal 4 bonus damage and inflict Chill even on targets without Chill.

Splintering Lance (Ice Lance)
Ice Lance explodes when it hits or reaches max distance, inflicting Chill for 2 seconds on nearby enemies.

Ice Breaker (Ice Lance)
Ice Lance deals 4 bonus damage and breaks Freeze before dealing damage.

Frost Nova (Arctic Wind)
Arctic Wind blasts nearby enemies with a frost nova as you leap, inflicting Chill for 1.6 seconds.

Twirl (Arctic Wind)
Recast Arctic Wind to perform a short leap.

Figure Skating (Glacial Prism)
Glacial Prism grants the target a 70% Fading Haste for 1.4 seconds.

Cryotherapy (Glacial Prism)
Glacial Prism heals for 10 health over the duration.

Crystalline Lattice (Glacial Prism)
Glacial Prism absorbs up to 12 more damage and its explosion range reaches 20% further.

Snowstorm (Flash Freeze)
Flash Freeze leaves a snowstorm at target location, dealing 12 damage and inflicting Chill over 0.9 seconds. The damage affects targets with Freeze directly.

Blizzard (Flash Freeze)
The radius of Flash Freeze is increased by 20% and cooldown is reduced by 1 second.

Vandalism (Ice Crown)
You can break your own ice crown instantly with a single Frost Bolt.

Permafrost (Frozen Gallery)
Frozen Gallery inflicts Chill for 4 seconds to all enemies in the area after cast and Freeze is increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.

Agility (Perk)
Increases movement speed by 10%.

Inspiration (Perk)
Increases your maximum energy by 25% and energy gained from abilities is increased by 10%.

With the preview trailer released, we can hope that the teaser date of December 13 is actually the patch day when we’ll be able to play Alysia. Until then, let’s start theorycrafting and debating how OP she will be! What are your thoughts?


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