What Are Your Brawl Ideas?

Reactions to the Rooktoberfest Brawl have been mixed. A few hated it, some loved it, but most just thought it was… okay. It was what it was: a silly bout of fisticuffs with a lot of yelling and meat munching. You can see the survey results here.

We’ve also seen the Bakko Egg Brawl and the Rocket Balloon Brawl, which were creative and showed the potential for these Brawl modes to be refreshing and fun. And with only three Brawls seen so far, there are still so many ideas to explore.

Do you have any Brawl ideas? Who knows, maybe someone from Stunlock will see your idea and even make it happen! Probably not, but maybe. Remember that a Brawl is a fun and wacky mode, ideally centered on one main mechanic (e.g. eggs, rockets). Be realistic and keep it simple!

I’ll start with a few ideas.

Boogeyman Wars

This one is actually inspired by /u/makacok from Reddit.

Remember Pudge Wars from Warcraft 3? Obviously we can’t have something as intricate and advanced as the true map, but Battlerite does have Ruh Kaan’s Claw of the Wicked hooking ability that we can use to build a Pudge Wars Lite mode.

The general idea would be the same: two platforms separated by an impassable gap, everyone plays Ruh Kaan, and Claw’s cooldown is shortened to 3 seconds while range is long enough to reach the other platform. The only other abilities are Consume (on a 10-second cooldown) and Nether Void (which costs 25 energy, no cooldown).

When you get hooked over, you start taking damage over time. You can either port back to your side with Nether Void or have a teammate retrieve you with EX-Claw (which costs 25 energy and does NOT heal). In this mode, regular Claw causes damage but does NOT self-heal. Everyone starts with 100 HP for simplicity.

If you die, you respawn after 5 seconds. First team to 25 kills wins.

Every so often, health orbs and energy orbs spawn in the gap between platforms. If you can Claw them, then they restore health and grant extra energy.

Sniper in the Woods

This Brawl is all about Jade’s Stealth and Snipe abilities.

The idea is to simulate the feel of snipers hunting snipers in a secluded location, so it would take place on a small map full of vision-blocking Blossom’s Trees. They break on damage and would respawn after about 10 seconds or so.

Every player is Jade and only two abilities are available: Snipe (with a 3-second cooldown) and Stealth (with a 10-second cooldown, breaks when casting Snipe). Players start with 25 HP so they can get one-shotted with a direct hit, but can survive one hit if the Snipe first goes through a Tree.

When you die, you respawn after 5 seconds.


This Brawl is all about Ashka’s Flamestrike ability.

In line with the overall “fire and destruction” theme of the champion, the mode would involve everyone being Ashka with only two abilities: Molten Fist (with a shortened cooldown of 5 seconds) and Flamestrike (which leaves behind a permanent pool of lava that deals damage over time to anyone standing in it).

The twist? Friendly fire!

Flamestrikes deal damage to everyone. The permanent pools of lava deal damage to everyone. And since the lava is permanent, the map area constantly shrinks whenever someone attacks. This creates for a very dangerous, tense, and fun Brawl.

Now for Your Brawl Ideas

Maybe these ideas are too simple. Or maybe not. I’d love to know what you think about them, especially the Boogeyman Wars (again, wasn’t completely my idea). If you have some creative Brawl ideas of your own, the comments are open below!


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3v3 similar to the rocket balloon brawl where you respawn and health is reduced by half, but every time you respawn you become a different champ. First team that has 8 kills or something wins.


Pong with blossom/bakko’s reflect abilities. Possibly on a map similar to the Boogey-map.


Quite like that idea. Could be 1v1 with 2 Oldurs with Q only as you’d be able to choose when to return the projectile (allows baiting). Could be based on a small map with a jade snipe being the “ball”. The projectile could bounce off walls, etc. to make it more interesting and maybe even add a mid orb randomly spawning for a bit of sustain if you hit it.
This could already be over- complicated but could be turned into a football type of game mode where the point is to get the projectile through a “goal”. Could be played 2v2 with oldurs with their Q and dash available. I’d play that.


capture the artifact, just like in BLC


Great article, some pretty nice ideas both in the body and comments! I hope that we will see them in the game some time soon


Random 2v2/3v3

You’ll be randomly asigned a chsmpion but still can chipset your rites at the start. Potentially even letting players pick a role at the start, or putting great comps together for an epic clash. Orb, greens etc are 2x their value and rounds only take a minute.