Battlerite Patch 1.0.1 Notes — Thorn and Balance Tweaks

Thorn is here! Free to Play is here! The new season is here! There’s a lot to celebrate today, and the servers are up, so what are you waiting for?

This patch brings some rewards for Early Access players, including Jade outfits and an epic mount, plus several crash and performance fixes (including FPS drops during Ruh Kaan’s ultimate). Other notable additions include Twitch items every time you spend at least $5 per transaction.

Read the full patch notes. Thorn and balance changes reproduced below for posterity:

New Champion – Thorn, The Twisted Terror

Ancient folklore speaks of Thorn, the destructive apparition. Using its network of thorn-covered roots, it would whip, rupture, and drain the life out of any living thing indiscriminately. Some say Thorn is just a story to keep kids out of the forests at night, others say it is an old lie used as a cover-up for misdeeds. Thorn’s presence in the Arena is both a mystery and a very bad omen.


Root Claw (M1)

Swing your claws to deal 12/14/18 damage. Every third hit is a Root Grip that heals you for 8 health and pulls enemies closer.

Leeching Thorns (M2)

Launch 2 leeching thorns, dealing 12 damage each and inflicting Thorns upon hit enemies.

Burrow (Space)

Burrow into the ground and emerge from below after duration or upon recast, dealing 14 damage and Stunning enemies hit for 0.5s. Increases movement speed by 100% and removes movement impairing effects when used.

Evil Clutch (Q)

Grow roots from the ground and pull them towards you, dragging along any enemies in their path and dealing 12 damage.

Entangling Roots (E)

Send whirling roots forward, dealing 8 damage and entangling target enemy. Heals you for 16 health over 2.5s. Entangled target is granted a shield and is unable to move or cast abilities. Breaking shield ends effect.

Barbed Husk (R)

Shield a target ally, guarding them from damage and disables. Projectile and melee attacks absorbed by Barbed Husk trigger a volley of thorns that deal 12 damage to nearby enemies. While shielded, target is unable to move or use abilities.

Dead Roots (F)

Burrow and travel to target location, dealing 16 damage and leaving a trail of dead roots behind you. Dead Roots block projectiles, inflict 40% Snare for 0.5s, and deal 56 damage over duration.

Thorn Barrage (EX M2)

Launch 4 thorns, dealing 10 damage each and inflicting Thorns.

Root Network (EX Space)

Burrow yourself and nearby allies into the ground and emerge beneath your enemies, dealing 14 damage and stunning for 0.5s.

Thorns (Debuff)

Thorns drain the target, dealing 4 damage to target and healing you for 8 health over 4s.


Rite Type Description Keybind Ability
Regrowth  Survival  Hitting and enemy with Root Claw reduces incoming damage by 10% for 2.2s. Stacks up to 2 times. M1 Root Claw
Branch Out  Mixed  Root Grip range increases by 20%, drags enemy closer, and deals 2 bonus damage. M1 Root Claw
Neurotoxin  Mixed  Thorns reduces target’s damage and healing output by 25% for 2s. M2 Leeching Thorns
Hamstring Briars  Control  Thorns reduces movement speed of effected enemy by 15%. M2 Leeching Thorns
Parasitic Stems  Offense  Thorns deals 4 bonus damage and heals you for 2 bonus health over its duration. M2 Leeching Thorns
Deep Burrow  Utility  Turn invisible during Burrow. Space Burrow
Lurker  Utility  Burrow duration increases by 0.5s. Space Burrow
Impaling Roots  Offense  Moving under an enemy during Burrow sends impaling roots upwards, dealing 10 damage to struck enemies after a 0.2s delay. Space Burrow
Fearsome Uprootal  Survival  Landing Burrow grants you a shield absorbing 14 damage for every target hit, lasting up to 3s. Space Burrow
Whiplash  Offense  Landing Evil Clutch grants a recast to strike nearby enemies, dealing 9 damage and inflicting Thorns. Q Evil Clutch
Grounding Grasp  Control  Evil Clutch inflicts a 1s Root. Q Evil Clutch
Sinister Sap  Offense  Entangling Roots cooldown is reduced by 1s and deals 8 damage over its duration. E Entangling Roots
Creeping Roots  Control  Entangling Roots spreads towards nearby enemies when the effect is broken, dealing 4 damage to all enemies hit and inflicting Lesser Entangling Roots. E Entangling Roots
Critical Backlash  Mixed Barbed Husk cooldown is reduced by 2s and inflicts Thorns upon enemies hit. R Barbed Husk
No Escape  Offense  Burrow underground at the end of Dead Roots. F Dead Roots


Jumong is highly energy dependent for survival, so he is receiving a small rework to his energy gain on Rain of Arrows to make it more consistent. His Bear Trap combined with the Trapper rite allows for huge zoning with little downtime, so Bear Trap is getting a slight reduction to its duration.

  • Bear Trap duration decreased from 6s to 5s
  • Rain of Arrows now gives 10% energy for the first time it hits each enemy target, instead of 15% per target over the duration of the ability
  • Aim preview for Bear Trap with Trapper rite now works properly with self cast

Ruh Kaan

Demonic Hunt is an auto-pick Battlerite for Ruh Kaan and highlights the strength of Sinister Strike. Demonic Hunt also affects the strength of Ruh Kaan’s ultimate, so an increased downside for picking Demonic Hunt will allow players to more carefully weigh their options.


  • Demonic Hunt now increases cooldown by 2s, up from 1s


Taya’s empowered Razor Boomerang during Haste and Companion Call had an improved damage reduction per hit, yielding very high return damage values. This brings it back to baseline, and makes it slightly more difficult for Taya to burst down an Orb from 60 to 0.

  • Empowered Razor Boomerang damage reduction increased from 20% to 35%


Hand of Punishment enables many quick, high-damage combos and contributes to the issue of permanent up time on his debuffs. This change is aimed at weakening both of these factors without making it slow, reactable projectile – Varesh will have to wait longer after Hand of Punishment before he can followup with a Shatter or Hand of Corruption.

  • Increased Hand of Punishment post-cast time from 0.2s to 0.4s


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