Battlerite Patch Notes — Balance Tweaks

With one week left before F2P launch, Stunlock released yet another quick patch addressing some issues that arose with the battlerite system revamp. But before worrying about any of that, be sure to read the Pre-Season message from the developers.

Notable upcoming changes include the deactivation of ratings decay and the shifting of Season Rewards to Season Quests. You can read the notes for more information on why these changes are happening. Early Access season rewards will be prefixed by “EA” to differentiate from launch seasons.

And of course, lots of balance tweaks came with this patch, most notably Blossom buffs, Croak buffs, Freya nerfs, Jade buffs, Raigon buffs, Rook nerfs, and Shifu buffs. Will this patch be more bearable? Only time will tell.

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