Battlerite announces new Battle Royale game mode

Go beyond the Arena in Battlerite Royale

No, it’s not a late April Fools joke. Battlerite is really getting its own battle royale type game mode. Announced on Twitter today, there aren’t many details about it yet but here’s what we know so far:

  • 20 players, in solo or teams of 2
  • Large map around 30 times the size of Sky Ring arena
  • Matches will be around 10 minutes long
  • You choose your champion at the start, with no restrictions on what roles are available
  • It will have the same top-down perspective as in Arena
  • You can pick up items
  • Coming this summer

The initial reaction has been somewhat mixed, with some people criticizing Stunlock Studios for jumping on the battle royale bandwagon, and others worrying about it diverting resources away from improving the core Arena game. But it’s certainly got people talking. The announcement is already the most popular tweet they’ve ever made with more than double the number of favourites and retweets as the next. Popular streamer Lirik even replied to the tweet saying he wants to see how it turns out.

Looking back at the New Era roadmap that was released before the game went free-to-play, “new game modes” was on the list for 2018 so we shouldn’t be too surprised by this announcement. Personally I’m always excited about new content for Battlerite and this mode sounds like a fun alternative to the primary arena gameplay.  Battlerite’s core mechanics are solid and it will be interesting to see how the top-down ability-based combat will play out in a battle royale setting. With the genre’s massive popularity right now, it could bring a whole new audience to Battlerite who might not have been interested otherwise.

Hopefully we get more details soon and learn more about how the games will play out. Until then, look forward to Summer for some intense Battlerite Royale action!


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How about using dev time to implement things the game needs instead of tying to ride the meme train?


How about attracting new players so the devs can get paid, instead of pandering to the hardcore?



although to all MOBA playing friends I recommended this game, it already attracted them as is
since battle royale is in, hopefully more new players can be converted also into the main game mode


split up the queues even more, increasing the queue times due to the lack of player base to begin with. what a good idea

FIshy Fishy
FIshy Fishy

Attracting a lot of new people to the game so the standard game mode’s queues are filled with more people than before. What a bad idea.