Battlerite Is 25% Off for Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Stunlock, out of sheer generosity and good will, has temporarily lowered the price of the game from $19.99 USD to $14.99 USD. Perhaps you were expecting this, or perhaps you weren’t, but regardless now is the best time to buy yourself an alternate account or gift a copy of the game to a friend.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t played the game yet, then you should check out our full look at whether or not Battlerite Early Access is worth it. The post also covers the kind of gameplay you can expect and whether or not you’ll enjoy it.

The biggest reason to buy Battlerite while it’s still in Early Access is that you will unlock all current and future champions for the lifetime of the game. We aren’t yet sure how the F2P system will work once the game launches, but this is a great deal no matter how it ends up.

Offer ends on November 29. Grab it while you can!


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