Battlerekt S2 Week 5: A Shake Up and a Stumble

After a week’s rest, Battlerekt came back in full force for its first tournament of February. Saturday’s contest saw some stiff competition for the reigning champions on both sides of the pond, culminating in nail-biting matches with some surprising results.

Climbing to the Top in Europe

It’s been a long time coming: Intolerant finally clinched a first-place finish in a Battlerekt bracket. After weeks of steady improvement, the off-beat trio overcame not one but two MyCon squads to claim victory.

The struggle began in the semifinals where Intolerant met last week’s winners, MyCon Prepare to Die. In two breathtakingly close 3–2 games, Intolerant barely edged out the reigning champs for the chance to chalk up their first Battlerekt win. MyCon Broken Comp, another team that’s seen rapid improvement of late, were the final obstacle on the way to ultimate victory.

Right out of the gate, Intolerant came out strong with a dominant 5–0 first map thanks to impressive individual play, meta-breaking picks, and tight synergy. Joltz did work on his signature Ezmo with constant damage that forced the enemy into desperate straits. Nyy pulled out his comfort pick in Iva, playing a brutal CC-focused style with Tazers and Tractor Beams that disrupted his foes and set up massive burst combos for his team. His smart usage of Flamethrower to bait counters and ZAP to rescue his allies highlighted the value of the Inventor. Iska took up support duties, playing a flexible and precise Lucie.

The stacked EU region now has another name to add to its list of champions. Intolerant, while not a terribly new team, have shown great growth since their inception and with this win have proven themselves as a top contender. With the recently-announced Enter The Arena tournament coming up, the trio may be set up for success in the most lucrative Battlerite tournament to date.

The North American Kings Stumble

Long time tyrants of the North American scene Legendary, freshly sponsored and competing under their new banner as Onslaught, showed their first signs of weakness in recent memory. Though dropping a map in both the semifinals and grand finals, they found their way to yet another Battlerekt title on the back of their signature aggression.

Giving the NA gods a run for their money in the grand finals was another recently sponsored team, Identity Crisis. The squad put forth a defensive neutral-focused comp, abusing Onslaught’s double-melee comp from range. This strategy paid off big time, pushing Onslaught to a very close third map — and all this with a stand-in.

But in the end, Onslaught won out. Arakune and Ninjas continue to be the best 2v2 team in the 3v3 format, hounding, comboing, and murdering their hapless foes while Averse slays with his mechanical skills. Add in the now-standard 720 swag Dragon Slayers for spice and you’ve got the best squad on this side of the pond.

Onslaught’s tight results have made it clear that the gap between them and the rest of the NA pack is shrinking. Though still undefeated, they surprisingly gave up two maps. With Enter The Arena right around the corner, this is a dangerous time to show weakness. Will this minor stumble just be a blip on the radar? Or is it a sign of something far more dire?

What Lies Ahead for Battlerekt

The Battlerekt series continues every Saturday on the Battlerekt Twitch Stream. Be sure to tune in at 7:00 PM CET for the EU contest followed by the NA tournament at 2:00 PM PST.

Stay tuned for our interview with EU champion Joltz on his team’s journey to the top, upcoming balance changes, and the importance of having fun. And as always, check with us at Battlecrank for more coverage and insight from top players!


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