Battlerekt Season 2 Week 4 Recap

This week’s Battlerekt tournament saw expanded prize pools for each region. The brackets were a bloodbath as the best teams in EU and NA fought for dominance, culminating in vicious beatdowns in the grand finals as the top squads smashed their way to victory and $500 first-place prizes.

European Gods in the Making

After their first Battlerekt victory last week, My-Con Prepare to Die continued to look dominant, taking a second title in a row in confident style. Project Horizon, former Battlerekt champions themselves, couldn’t get their combo game going in the face of My-Con’s heavy neutral pressure and strong defensive play, which left them in the dust.

LittleMaster swapped away from his Varesh main to Ruh Kaan and plucked enemies out of safety and into the waiting arms of his team. He earned some swag points too, ulting the entire enemy trio into Godof‘s own Poloma ult to wipe them in the blink of an eye. K3b4b1‘s Taya anchored the team perfectly, chunking down enemies with incessant boomerang spam and dominating all 1v1 exchanges.

Two quick maps were all it took for My-Con Prepare to Die to secure the win, giving up only two rounds in the entire series. But their day was far from over as the trio tried their hand through the NA brackets as well.

Legendary Dominates North America

My-Con found themselves in their second Grand Finals of the day after a close 2–1 victory over Identity Crisis, where they ended up meeting North American stalwarts Legendary, who played their main roster for the first time in weeks. Any hopes of a double victory for My-Con were soon quashed by the dominant NA powerhouse, who dispatched the Europeans in a quick 2–0 with only two rounds lost.

Arakune returned to the squad with style after his absence last week, his expert Shifu’s aggressive style keeping the European squad constantly on the defensive. Ninjas played in perfect harmony with him as Sirius, the two diving as one to create chaos, and Averse‘s Jumong play was as awe-inspiring as ever as he darted around and melted the weakest enemy targets in mere seconds when their attentions wavered.

It’s becoming something of a tradition to laud Legendary’s results in Battlerekt, and for good reason. The squad is clearly the top team in NA by some distance, and this week’s results prove they have the potential to stand up to the best squads EU has to offer as well. It’s going to take a tectonic shift to unseat Legendary from their throne atop the North American scene.

What Lies Ahead for Battlerekt

The Battlerekt series continues every Saturday on the Battlerekt Twitch Stream. Be sure to tune in at 7:00 PM CET for the EU contest followed by the NA tournament at 2:00 PM PST.

Stay tuned for a mega interview with Arakune that will be published tomorrow. And as always, check with us at Battlecrank for more coverage and insight from top players!


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You should have added that averse oversleeped two EU battlerekt tours in a row and their team got recked 6-0 against project horizon when they tried to play on eu (with a sub for averse).