Battlerekt Season 2 Week 3 Recap

Round three of Battlerekt’s second season took place on Saturday, and the competition was hotter than ever. In these games, we saw a first-time Battlerekt champion in EU followed by the reassertion of a dynasty in NA.

Promise Fulfilled in Europe

There are so many teams that have the potential to go the distance in EU that any bracket is sure to be exciting. However, this week, none of the teams with multiple titles made it to the Grand Finals. Instead, we saw a nail-biting contest between two squads that might have previously been considered second tier.

Former top team Bruce Lee continued their rough road, going out in the early rounds of play once again. And the three-win-streak of last week’s champions TelRoskMi was broken by MyCon Prepare to Die in the Semi Finals, giving the long-struggling team a chance at their first ever title.

They had stiff opposition in intolerant, made up of popular streamer Joltz and top EU players Nyy and Iska. This relatively new squad has been going deep in every Battlerekt tournament since their inception, and this week they looked stronger than ever. Prepare to Die, by contrast, have been fighting in Battlerekt tournaments almost since the series beginning, posting consistently high placements but never taking the top spot. This proved to be their week, however, as they overcame intolerant in two dramatic back-and-forth series.

MyCon Prepare to Die favored an all-ranged, neutral dominating playstyle to maximize the impact of their impressive mechanical ability. LittleMaster played a tenacious Varesh, perfectly cycling his limited defensive abilities to survive aggression, and abusing his silence to maximum effect, predicting his enemies’ counters and stationary casts and punishing them mercilessly. K3b4b1 showed off a fearlessly aggressive Taya, actively seeking out duel situations with isolated opponents and completely dominating them over and over. Godof‘s Poloma was super defensive, focusing first and foremost on keeping his teammates in fighting shape and buffed up to maximize their staying power and further solidifying their brick wall neutral strategy.

Both maps were extremely close, with Prepare to Die surging to an early lead before intolerant fought their way back to the brink of victory. In the end, though, MyCon clinched both maps, leading them to their first Battlerekt victory with 5–4 and 5–3 round scores.

Legends Return in North America

While new challengers took the top spot in EU, old gods resurged in NA. After a disappointing performance in last week’s tournament, Legendary came back swinging. Though still missing long-time member Arakune, Legendary smashed their way through all comers to a decisive win.

Their opponents were Scylla, a relatively unknown team who looked strong in the lead up to the final games, but a last-minute substitution contributed to their loss at the hands of Legendary in two straight 5–0 maps.

Though sporting a slightly different lineup than in the past, Legendary looked more dominant than ever. Ninjas, normally the team’s Sirius player, took over Arakune’s Shifu slot. He looked at ease there, aggressively bowling over the opposition with little pause. Averse looked impressive as ever on his trademark champions Jumong and Taya, his best-in-class mechanics leading to the insane accuracy and huge damage totals that we’ve come to expect from the young star. Taking the final slot was Outk4st, a former teammate of Averse and a Sirius god in his own right.

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Legendary is still the best team in NA by a good margin. Last week’s misstep seems to be firmly behind them, and their path to continued dominance seems mostly unchallenged for now.

What Lies Ahead for Battlerekt

The Battlerekt series continues every Saturday on the Battlerekt Twitch Stream. Be sure to tune in at 7:00 PM CET for the EU contest followed by the NA tournament at 2:00 PM PST. And as always, check with us at Battlecrank for more coverage and interviews with the best of the best!


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