Battlecrank: What You Need to Know

Battlecrank is for every fan of Battlerite, whether newbie or veteran, casual or competitive. Our goal is to be 1) a positive and mature environment where newbies can learn to improve and 2) a haven for quality, thoughtful discussions.

That’s the mission. Right now it’s just me, Zanetski, someone who has played Bloodline Champions since the beta and believes that it is the absolute best PvP game ever made. I have an undying passion for this game and will support it until it goes under.

But ultimately, Battlecrank isn’t about me — it’s about the community. No matter who you are, I hope that you’ll find something to appreciate here:

  • For Newbies: We understand that Battlerite’s learning curve is tough and overwhelming, so we want to help. You’ll find tips and guides that will help sharpen your skills — all without any elitism or toxic behavior.
  • For Veterans: We understand that Battlerite is a competitive game at heart, so it’s our goal to help promote that aspect of the game as much as possible. We’ll provide tournament updates as best as we can, and maybe even host a few of our own.
  • For Everyone Else: We understand that Battlerite is more than just competitions, so we also want to shine a spotlight on those who create awesome fan content, including art and videos.

At the end of the day, I can’t do this alone. If you love Battlerite as I do, then we’re in this together. Will you help out? All I ask is that you comment when you can and share the site with other players. Thanks!

If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


He is the lead writer at Battlecrank. You can find him on the Battlecrank Discord.

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Wasn’t this a RUIN fanpage originally? Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forwards to Battlerite but I also like RUIN. The games are similar and what the communities seem to be looking for in the games also seem very similar. As an example, I see lots of old BLC players in the RUIN community. Even the two developer studios are even very closely located and apparently know each other. Could this site perhaps not be a fansite for both communities? Instead of dividing the communities of this somewhat narrow genre of topdown WASD+aiming competitive games, could we not create a joint fanpage for both of them and let them prosper together?


Excited to see what this becomes! You have my axe!