7 PvP Games to Play While Waiting for Battlerite

The wait is killing me and I know I’m not the only one who’s suffering. Battlerite is still in closed alpha as of this writing, and even though there’s a good chance that it will enter beta phase come July, it will probably be a closed beta — meaning a bunch of us still won’t be able to play for quite a while.

So what can you do? The trick is to keep yourself busy so that time flies faster, and what better way to pass the time than by playing one or more games that are similar? No game out there will be a perfect substitute, of course, but there are several that are “close enough” and will temporarily scratch that itch.

That being said, here are a handful of top-down PvP games that you may enjoy playing until Battlerite fully opens its doors.

1. RUiN

Next to Battlerite, RUiN is the game that I’m most excited about. You may recognize the gameplay as being inspired by the Warlocks custom map for Warcraft III, but as someone who has played in two separate alpha tests, trust me when I say that RUiN is a hundred times better.

The key difference is that it uses WASD movement instead of point-click movement, which gives it a similar feel to Battlerite. But instead of being a pure brawler, RUiN revolves around knockbacks and map boundaries. Very, very fun.

RUiN is currently in alpha phase and tests are about 1-2 months apart, but you can pretty much guarantee access to the next one if you contact the community manager, Rassel, either on the RUiN subreddit or on the RUiN Discord.

2. Spellsworn

Spellsworn is another Warlocks-inspired game, but this one is truer-to-form than RUiN. It uses point-click movement, it has per-match ability progression, and it has a lot of the same spell designs. Fans of Warlocks will really like this game.

Spellsworn is currently in early access phase, meaning you’ll have to buy the game to play it. Right now it costs $10, but you can expect that to increase when it’s properly released.

Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have a critical mass of players so you can only play in-houses at the moment. Your best bet is to coordinate games with other players on the Spellsworn Discord.


MIGHT is a new game from Fast Forward Games, an extremely active development team of three. Over the course of 20 days, they’ve released 13 separate patches. If that doesn’t scream enthusiasm, I don’t know what will.

What’s interesting is that MIGHT is explicitly inspired by Bloodline Champions — in fact, one of the champions is nearly a clone of Spearmaster. It’s a 3v3 cooldown-based arena, except champions only have 4 abilities + 1 ultimate so it feels like “BLC Lite”. The game is currently in alpha and lacks a lot of polish, but if you can get past that you’ll see that the gameplay is pretty solid.

The MIGHT Discord is very active and the developers chat a lot there. Alpha access is granted to anyone who asks, but the playerbase is small so if you want to play, you’ll have to coordinate games with other players first.

4. Secret Ponchos

Secret Ponchos had 15 minutes in the spotlight back in December 2015 when it ran a Free Week event and drew in hundreds of players. Unfortunately, it costs $15 so the playerbase pretty much died as soon as that event ended.

The good news is that the game is currently being converted to F2P. Nobody knows when this conversion will be completed, but it bodes well for the future if they can pull it off. You can still play it in its current state if you want, though.

Check out the development stream, which goes live every Saturday at 10:30am PST.

5. Running With Rifles

Even though Running With Rifles isn’t as Battlerite-ish as the other games in this post, it’s still a top-down action shooter with fun gameplay and an active playerbase — that alone makes it worth a mention, I’d say.

This game takes place in an open world and leans more towards “tactical” rather than “brawler”, dropping you in the midst of an on-going war as a single soldier caught between dozens of others. Or you can play the single-player campaign if that’s more your style.

What’s interesting is that it has a daily peak over 200 players, which is more than double the activity of Bloodline Champions — and that’s with a price tag of $15 (or $50 for a 4-pack). Worth checking out if you have some spare cash.

6. Das Tal

Das Tal is an open-PvP sandbox MMORPG with full loot. A lot of the combat design was inspired by Bloodline Champions, so you can think of it as a cross between that and something like Ultima Online.

It’s currently in alpha phase and you’ll need to buy your way in if you want to play, but the final game is going to be buy-to-play anyway so if it seems like something you’d enjoy, you might as well get in early.

Alpha access currently costs about $65. There’s a cheaper pack that grants beta access, and the cheapest one only grants access to “Sneak Preview” events. (You can see the Bloodline Champions inspiration in the naming of the packs: Nomad, Seeker, Vanguard, Harbinger.)

7. Bloodline Champions

Worst case scenario, you can always play Old Faithful. Bloodline Champions has seen a slow but steady decline in playerbase since the Battlerite announcement (aside from a temporary spike in April for the Enter Tournament) but the game is still “alive”.

There are weekly in-game tournaments held on Fridays and Saturdays, along with the Every Damn Sunday Cup which has a 75€ weekly prize pool that will be bumped up to 80€ when the tournament eventually transitions to Battlerite.

What Are You Playing Right Now?

Of course, there are several other fun games you can play that have no similarities to Battlerite. Ones that come to mind: Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, Paladins, and even Realm of the Mad God if you like PvE.

So what are you playing? Are there any other top-down action-based PvP games worth mentioning? Or have you given up on playing games until Battlerite hits?


He is the lead writer at Battlecrank. You can find him on the Battlecrank Discord.

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For me the only real alternative is BLC. I’ve looked into the other ones and while some of them are kind of promising they are still in heavy alpha or beta stages and that’s almost the same as waiting for BR. Sadly Click to Move games are not for me. I’ve tried and tried again. Aiming AND moving is too much clusterfiggels for my mousehand.


I know BLC has declined in playerbase, but it’s been like this for a very long time. Seems wrong to put it dead last and as a worst case scenario when Battlerite is literally a sequel to BLC. Trying to send people to other games/companies is going to make it harder for Battlerite to gain a good strong consistent player base. Kinda hurts the whole purpose of your site imo. Instead of everyone running to other games and just chatting about how Battlerite will be, we should be playing BLC and practicing and remembering mechanics and gameplay so we’re ready for Battlerite and will have a deeper, more meaningful perspective of the game and its roots.


Spellsworn is really fun, but last time I checked like no one played it. So you should jump in with your friends. Also I can recommend Brawlhalla. Really fun for some quick intense matches. Not as good as smash brothers but still nice for every now and then.