6 Hidden Mechanics the Game Doesn’t Tell You About

Battlerite has so many mechanics, effects, and interactions for players to master. And while the tutorial and tool-tips go a long way to understanding the basics, there are still some obscure tricks and odd interactions that aren’t detailed anywhere in game. In this article we look at six hidden mechanics that you might not have known about.

1. Frozen enemies slide further

When Alysia was introduced back in December, she brought along the Chill and Freeze mechanics as a core part of her character. Some people were quick to criticize the Freeze effect as a reskinned Petrify. On the surface this may seem true, it’s a CC that immobilizes the enemy and grants them a 20 health shield, just like Petrify.

But there are some subtle differences. Apart from Alysia having access to battlerites that let her deal direct damage bypassing the shield granted by Freeze, another less obvious difference is Freeze’s interaction with knockback effects. When frozen characters are hit by a knockback ability, they slide further and for longer across the map like the big blocks of ice they are, giving Freeze a functional aspect in addition to the aesthetic distinction.


2. Knockback effects stack

Sticking with the knockback theme for a second, another interaction that players may have missed is the stacking effect of knockbacks. If the timing is just right and a champion gets hit by two knockback abilities simultaneously, the forces add up and they will be flung back with increased distance.

The easiest example to see this is with Rook, as both his E and R knock enemies back and the delayed impact of his Boulder Toss means he can time his Smack to connect right as the boulder lands. You could use this to try and get some nasty incaps on enemies who think they’re safe from the walls.

3. I-frames let you dodge damage

This one may seem obvious to anyone other than brand new players, but it’s not actually explicitly stated anywhere in the game. The i-frames, or invulnerability frames, I’m talking about are different to the immaterial effects granted by abilities like Poloma’s Otherside or Shifu’s Fleetfoot. They’re abilities that usually send you in the air or underground and are often signified by your health bar disappearing briefly. During those brief moments, you are invulnerable, so with correct timing you can use it to dodge damage.

Some i-frames are more obvious than others. Many champions have an i-frame on their Space ability, like Thorn’s Burrow or Raigon’s Heavenly Strike. You can also check the tooltip of an ability to look for a stat called Air Time, which indicates the ability sends them in the air and makes them invulnerable, like Freya’s E ability Thunderclap. Some less obvious i-frames include Taya’s EX Q ability Zephyr when she dashes forward, and Poloma’s EX Space ability Soul Transfer which gives both you and your ally an i-frame when you swap them.

4. Different types of DoT

There are a few ways DoT, or Damage over Time, works in Battlerite so it’s a good idea to be aware of the differences and to know which can and which can’t kill you. Probably the most common type of DoT is that caused by status effects like Lucie’s Toxic, Ashka’s Ignite, and Croak’s Toxin. These are shown by the status name displayed above the afflicted champion’s health bar. This type of DoT cannot kill you but will leave you at 1 HP.

The next type of DoT effect are the ones that display a little purple segment on the affected champion’s health bar. These can be thought of as delayed explosions and examples include Oldur’s Time Bomb effect from his M1, Lucie’s EX M1 Deadly Injection, and the Venom from Croak’s ultimate. When this delayed damage pops, it can kill you unlike the status effects.

The third type of DoT is the ground area effect most often seen in some ultimate abilities, like the scorched ground from Ashka, Lucie’s Crippling Goo, or the trail of dead roots left by Thorn. Alysia and Jumong also have non-ultimate abilities that create this effect with Flash Freeze and Rain of Arrows. This type of DoT effect can also kill you if you stay inside the area.


5. Not all movement speed is the same

This one may come as a surprise for many people as it has generally been accepted that move speed is universal across the board. However, I did some testing recently and discovered that while ranged and support characters all have the same base move speed, melees seem to have a very slight increase.

In the video above, I lined each champion up against the wall as far left as they could go. Then just held right until they reached the centre orb. This half a map distance only amounts to 1 or 2 steps difference, but you can see there’s definitely a difference with both the melee characters being the same small distance ahead of the others when they reach the orb. This may be too small of a difference to have any significant effects in battle, but it’s still an interesting quirk to be aware of.

Here’s another test with some of the champions swapped out, and we can see the increased melee move speed seems to hold true.


6. Cancel out of ally protection

I’m sure it’s happened to all of us at some point. You’re chasing an enemy, getting ready to strike the finishing blow, then out of nowhere your ally Poloma hits you with an Otherside, interrupting your attacks and giving the enemy a chance to escape. This can be frustrating, but if it happens to you there’s no need to wait out the entire duration of the effect before you can start hammering the enemy again.

Protective abilities that also restrict you can be cancelled at any time by the player it’s applied on by using the interrupt key. So shields like Thorn’s Barbed Husk and Alysia’s Ice Block which immobilise you, or Poloma’s Otherside which you can’t attack in, can be dismissed instantly if you decide you don’t need it or would prefer to carry on uninterrupted.

So how many of these didn’t you know about before? Will you change your play style to try and utilise some of these mechanics and maybe catch the enemy out? Let us know if there’s any other hidden tricks you can think of. I bet there’s enough out there for another article in the future!


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Never knew the melee movement speed thing in my 1300 hours. Nice find.


Never even thought about trying to cancel an ally protection despite having close to 100 hours in the game ! Keep up the good work, people like you make the game even more enjoyable