$500 DiMarioBros 1v1 Tournament

It’s a brand new season in Battlerite and the tournaments are starting to kick off. If you’re looking to jump in and get a taste without having to worry about finding a team, why not check out the 1v1 tournament hosted by DiMarioBros.

Taking place this weekend with both EU and NA brackets, test your mettle and fight for the chance to earn part of a $500 prizepool. There’s also giveaways and participation prizes available so win or lose you won’t walk away empty handed.

The EU tournament starts at 14:00 GMT on March 10 with the NA part taking place right after. There are 16 participation slots for each region so to sign up, check out DiMarioBros on Twitch and put your name down, before they’re all gone!


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Cringestor.Am I right that I am posting my nickname here or I should do it somehow on twitch?Thanks in advance