3v3 Multiclass Launch Day Tournament Signups Are Open

In celebration of F2P launch, a fellow named MisterPink is hosting a US 3v3 tournament with a twist: players are only allowed to play any champion once per tournament (except in a best-of-3 round, in which case you can reuse a champ in 2 of the 3 maps).

While the details aren’t set in stone, here’s what we know:

  • Start Time: 8pm PST/11pm EST
  • Mode: 3v3, first to 5 per map
  • Format: Double elimination (best-of-1, then best-of-3 for Semi/Grand Finals)

Top 3 teams will walk away with these prizes:

  1. $250 + Red Scorpion mount
  2. $125 + Red Scorpion mount
  3. $50 + Red Scorpion mount

Sign up here on Battlefy! You can watch the tournament on MisterPink’s Twitch channel when it goes live. The event will be casted by InTheFlesh and Crooks.


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