$300 DiMarioBros’s 1v1 Tournament

As Battlerite’s first full year comes to an end, we’re seeing all kinds of professional and community tournaments pop up here and there, including the consistent Rivals Cup, the crowdfunded Masters of Bacon, and the jaw-dropping BattleRekt Reborn events.

But if you’re more of a solo player, you might be more interested in the $300 1v1 tournaments hosted by DiMarioBros this weekend on Saturday, December 30. There will be one event for NA players and another event for EU players. The EU event will be first, starting at roughly 11am EST (16:00 UTC).

There will be a $300 prize pool to be split between winners, as well as all kinds of game codes and in-game rewards for everyone else. Win or lose, if you participate, you will walk away with something.

To register, tune into the DiMarioBros Twitch channel and type !raffle in chat when prompted. Both events have 16 open slots, with 8 slots reserved for channel subscribers and 8 slots reserved for non-subscribers.

The channel is live seven days a week, starting at 9am EST (14:00 UTC) every day.


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