18th Champion Announced: Ezmo, the Mischievous

Were you expecting Blood Priest? Or were you expecting Stormcaller? Fans of Bloodline Champions have been pining for both of those champions for quite a while, and the teaser image from last week almost made it seem like it could go either way. Well, Stunlock surprised us all with a brand new champion design that we’ve never seen before.

Ezmo, who appears to be a kind of fiery goblinesque humanoid, has an ability kit that’s tough to suss out just from the video. His M1 looks to shoot out a quick series of projectiles (not unlike Jade), he has a flashy teleport ability (and what might be an improved EX version of it), and I’m guessing that was a channeled-delayed AOE nuke, but it’s hard to tell.

I, for one, am incredibly happy that Stunlock is introducing new blood to the arena. Do I want to see the old champions ported over? Sure, eventually. But for now, I’m looking more towards being able to play a kit that I’ve never played before. Great job to Stunlock for coming out with a unique character design, too!

How do you feel about this new champion? Does the preview make you want to play this guy? Or are you disappointed by the reveal?


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This is good news. Glad to see them being creative with some new champions.