$1,000 BattleRekt 3v3 Week 1 Signups

BattleRekt, one of the largest tournament organizers during Battlerite’s Early Access, is back with BattleRekt Reborn, a 9-week series with a total prize pool of $9,000. Each week will feature two 3v3 events — one in NA, one in EU — with a $500 prize pool per region per week.

It will be a single elimination format and each week’s event will actually be played across two days. The first day plays on Tuesdays, which narrows all entrants down to eight teams. The second day plays on Wednesdays to complete the remaining matches. As for times, the NA event takes place at 9pm EST while the EU event takes place at 6pm CEST.

There are specific map picking rules and champion drafting rules, but there are no champion bans.

Unlike other tournaments, this one restricts players by region: the NA events are only for NA players and the EU events are only for EU players. Signups for the NA event and the EU event are open. Teams must have at least one representative in the BattleRekt Discord while the event is live.

Both events will be streamed on the NGE Twitch channel.


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