Battlerite Patch 1.0 Notes — Launch Day

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Two days earlier than expected, Stunlock has taken the servers down to apply the Launch Patch. Note that this patch does NOT include Thorn, who will officially become available on Wednesday, November 8 when the game truly goes F2P.

Notable changes in this patch include:

  • Balance tweaks to Ashka, Croak, Raigon, Rook, and a few others
  • Major bug fixes and quality-of-life tweaks to the UI
  • Major tweaks to Battlegrounds mode (no removal of levels or power shards)
  • New cosmetics all around, including new Legendary weapons
  • 4 special new mounts that can’t be obtained through chests
  • Changes to champion pricing, addition of boosters

It may not be the shakeup that many were hoping for, especially in terms of Arena balance and Battlegrounds mechanics, but the quality-of-life improvements are appreciated. Read the full patch notes.

What’s missing from this patch? What are you most excited about? F2P is only two days away! Share your thoughts below.


Written by Zanetski

He is the lead writer at Battlecrank. You can find him on Discord at Zanetski#5578.

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9 days 21 hours ago

Are MVP name bugfixed and Battlegrounds match time reduced? Are we ready to open chests or do we wait till tomorrow?